Tria Laser vs. Avance DM6050 Laser

Tria Laser System Vs Avance DM6050 Laser

The Tria laser and the Avance DM6050 are two laser systems for home hair removal which compete on the same niche. The Tria is one of the first laser hair removal systems which was approved for personal home use. The Avance DM series is one of the professional laser systems mainly manufactured for beauty salons.

Here you can see our comparison of the Tria laser system and the Avance DM6050 laser.

Tria laser vs DM6050 laser

Before we compare these two hair removal systems, there is one thing to acknowledge. Tria was designed for the personal home user. DM6050 was designed for professional partitioner at hair removal clinics. Avance DM6050 laser hair removal is manufactured by Biotechnique Avance, though it was designed for professional use, it is sold as a system for personal use at home.

We will review these two systems in the eyes of the home user.

Laser Comparison Tria vs DM6050

The Tria laser has a laser energy level which reaches up to 24 joules per cm²/second, the DM6050 laser has laser power of 96  joules per cm²/second! As you can see the DM6050 has a huge advantage over the Tria laser with it’s laser energy efficiency. Part of the high joules count is because the DM has a high emission rate, and can emit a beam at a fast rate to allow faster treatments.

The Tria has a laser spot size  of 1 cm². The DM6050 Avance has a spot size of 2 mm. The Tria larger spot size makes it easier for a home user to complete a hair removal treatment.

The Tria is a cordless device, a user can treat the skin anywhere at home, without any electric source needed. The DM6050 needs to be connected to a power source. Due to the fact that the Tria has batteries it has downtimes for recharging, while the DM6050 can operate endlessly.

Design – The Tria laser looks much better than the DM6050, the Avance systems are not ‘good looking’, they are simple, square and slightly boring. One of the upgrades made by Avance is the option to order the DM6050 in cream or black color.

Laser Safety Comparison

Tria Laser Vs Avance DM6050 LaserThough it might seem that the DM6050 laser hair removal has more technical advantages, one advantage of the Tria laser is SAFETY. Because the DM6050 was designed for the small hair removal clinic, it lacks the safety measures implemented in the Tria made for the unprofessional user.

Tria has two main safety features to protect the unprofessional client, a skin touch sensor, to prevent accidental eye injuries. Tria will not emit laser unless it is pressed at the skin. The skin tone sensor checks the skin color to avoid emission on dark skin, which endangers the user wellness.

TRIA Is Not Long Lasting

Tria laser will not last for ever. Tria’s diode laser will eventually empty. It is designed to support a full body hair removal. Full body means a few thousands zaps for each session and 6-8 sessions are needed to complete the hair removal plan.

Most of the complaints at about the Tria laser is that a year after the purchase it stopped functioning. Either it was battery not recharging or the laser not emitting any more. Most of the users thought the TRIA will last for ever, but it is not designed for a professional use.

DM6050 May Last For 5 Years

The DM6050 has 5000 hours of continuous laser. This is estimated by the manufacturer to be 3-5 years of treatments. So for those who have hair growth which is more excessive than others, or know based on previous experience they will need more than a 6-8 treatments, the DM may be a better solution.


DM6050 Laser Hair Reduction SystemBoth systems are currently the best systems you can have at home for laser hair removal. If more than one person at home may wish to use the hair removal device (husband, daughter, wife, girlfriend) than investing in the DM6050 is a wiser investment.

It will be useful for years, and can support annual treatments and touch ups needed to maintain a hair free body. The DM6050 is no sold with an added value treatment bundle (protective glasses, carbon dye gel, 4% lidocaine gel, post treatment gel and tweezers)

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Tria Laser Compared to DM6050 laser

For a single user, or for someone who is totally untrained or fears laser ‘incidents’, go for the TRIA laser. The Tria laser is chic designed. With the 5 energy levels and the two safety sensors it is the safest home LASER system, with a well known customer support and thousands of fans around the world.

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