List Of Warnings Before Using Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Safety

Today people can purchase online laser hair removals systems and use them with no special tutoring. Most of the home laser systems are safe to use, when handles in a reasonable manner. The problem is that when thousands of laser hair removal machines are sold every year, there are chances that someone would misuse the system and endanger themselves in some way.

In the list below you will find all the warnings and safety precautions you should be aware of before you use a home laser hair removal system. The list of precautions and safety guidelines are the same for IPL (Intense pulsed Light) which are operating by the same technological basics.

You can purchase some of the best hair removal systems for home use below.

Laser Hair Removal (& IPL) Skin Safety Information

  1. Skin Tone – Do not treat dark skin complexion! It may cause the surrounding tissue to over heat and result in skin burns or scarring.
  2. Do not over do it! Treat each skin area once and move on. Do not keep pulsing at the same spot.
  3. Start With Low Energy – Before you begin an IPL or  laser session on a new skin area, use the lowest level of energy available. Then if you can stand the discomfort raise the level to the highest you can stand.
  4. Shave – Do not forget to shave the hair before the IPL or laser treatment! The heat should be funnels down the hair follicle to reach the hair stem cell. Hairs which are not shaved will burn in a smelly odor.
  5. Clean Dry Skin – Make sure the skin is clean and dry. Remove any lotions, make up and balms. Shinny skin may reflect the laser light. Skin pores which are blocked by make up will heat unevenly. Wet skin moisture in skin will heat too.
  6. Sun Tanning – Do not expose your skin to the sun a few days before or after the laser or IPL sessions. Excessive sun exposure (direct sun light) may cause hyper-pigmentation (dark patches) on the skin.
  7. NO Sun Beds – Just like the natural sun is dangerous, the sun beds are extremely dangerous before and after laser & IPL sessions. Tanned skin may cause painful zaps, non effective sessions and skin discoloring side effects.
  8. Eye Protection – Use dark glasses to protect your eyes from the bright flashes which can be seen from the sides of the applicator.
  9. Mask Dark Spots – Mask dark spots on skin with a white pencil. Cover moles, beauty spots, tattoos, birth marks and age spots. Using laser hair removal over tattoos may cause deep flesh burns!

Laser & IPL Facial Hair Removal Safety

  1. Do not Improvise – If the system is not safe for the face, do not use it on the face!
  2. Facial Hair – The females facial hair is Vellus hair (soft and thin) and is different than male’s facial hair. Use the lowest energy for facial hair removal.
  3. Eye Protection – Laser and IPL can cause severe damage to the eyes (even blindness!) do not look directly at the laser or light flashes!
  4. Eye Protection – Use safety goggles if you plan to have a facial hair removal session. (See the Me my Elos Facial Kit)
  5. Safe Machines – For best eye protection buy a machine that has a Skin-Touch Sensor, which prevents the laser or IPL to be pulsed unless the applicator window is pressed the skin. Check the Silk’n SensEpil, Silk’n Flash & Go and the leading Me my Elos hair removal systems.
  6. Mask Dark Spots – Mask dark spots on skin with a white pencil. Cover moles, beauty spots, tattoos, birth marks and age spots.
  7. Never Use Laser Close To Eyes! Even when doing facial laser hair removal (or IPL) never use the systems for eyebrow hair removal! Use them (when allowed) for chin, cheeks, sideburns and upper lips.

Using Home Laser Devices Safely

  1. Always disconnect the system from the electric power when the session is over. Otherwise children or teenagers may use it by mistake!
  2. When you unplug it, do not yank the cord..
  3. Do not use the laser hair removal (or IPL) system near a full bath, or in a steamy shower.

Laser Or IPL Cartridge Safety

  1. Do not use a system if the IPL window is broken or even have a crack. The window of the IPL lamp absorbs some of the intense heat and spectrum of light.
  2. Always clean the IPL lamp (or laser window) with a dry cloth. A dirty window may block the light energy and cause over heating or distract the lightwave.
  3. Before replacing the IPL cartridge – Unplug the device from the electric current.

The Safest Laser & IPL Systems

Some hair removal systems didn’t take any chances and have implemented in their features high safety measures. There are 4 laser and IPL systems which have all the highest level of safety.

TRIA Laser – Is the first laser hair removal which was ever approved by the FDA. It is currently the only FDA approved LASER system. The TRIA has the Skin-Touch-Sensor and the Skin-Tone-Sensors both protecting users from laser accidents. TRIA is not approved for facial hair removal.

The TRIA laser was upgraded this year with better charging time, digital indicators and many other improved features. Click HERE to get the Upgraded 4X TRIA Laser.

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IPL hair removal safety precautionsSilk’n SensEpil – Cleared by the FDA, the system has both the Skin-Touch-Sensor and the Skin-Tone-Sensors too. The Silk’n SensEpil is using lower energy of IPL light compared to laser systems.

The Silk’n is not officially approved for facial hair removal but specify the system can be used from the cheekbones down. Click HERE for the Silk’n SensEpil .

Me my Elos Safe IPL Laser Hair Removal SystemMe My Elos (IPL + RF) Hair Removal – The Me my Elos is using unique technology of IPL + RF, which means less IPL light is needed. The Me my Elos is the only IPL or Laser which is safe to be used on dark skin (type 1-5)! The Me my Elos is approved for facial hair removal with the use of the Me Facial Kit.

On top of all this the Me my Elos has the Skin-Touch-Sensor and the Skin-Tone-Sensors too. Click HERE to get the Me my Elos Hair Removal System.


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