Beware! Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy

Laser Hair Removal For Pregnant Women

Is laser hair removal safe during pregnancy? One of the most common aesthetic procedures women do is laser hair removal. Doing laser hair removal at home is safe when done according to the laser hair removal safety guidelines. There are times when the laser hair removal is not recommended, one of the instances is during pregnancy.

When referring in this article to laser hair removal, it applies to the IPL hair removal too, since they both operate by the same technology.

Laser Is Not Dangerous

Laser Hair Removal Safety During PregnancyNo matter which laser or IPL hair removal system you will buy or plan to purchase you will see they all have the same restrictions “Not to be used during pregnancy”. The main point to understand is that the laser radiance is not dangerous, not to the mother and not to the baby.

It is a matter of “just to be on the safe side” because there have not been enough (or any..?) experiments on the effects of laser hair removal on pregnant women. When there are no clinical trials and experiments, no one can say if the laser hair removal is safe or not for pregnant women. Though no direct danger have been reported and because the doctors can not say it is “SAFE”, no one can permit laser hair removal during pregnancy. 

The Treatment Sessions Might Be Risky

During a laser hair removal session, the laser machine emits high energy laser beam at the skin. These laser beam are felt at the skin like warm zaps! The laser zapping feels like a strong rubber band snap at the skin. For most people the laser zaps will be bearable, some will call it slight discomfort, and for others (especially on sensitive skin) it is PAINFUL.

The main risk for pregnant women doing laser hair removal, is that the zapping pains can cause contractions because the body reacts to the shots of pain.

Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy

The hair removal can be done on lower legs, arms and armpits which are non-sensitive areas. During the pregnancy it is better to avoid zapping sensitive skin areas like the lower abdominal, pubic, upper thighs and inner thighs. Especially these areas should be avoided during the second and third trimesters.

IPL Hair Removal During Pregnancy

IPL hair removal is using similar technology for disabling the hair stem cell. But the IPL is using less energy than lasers and pulsing wide spectrum of light and not a laser beam.

IPL Use Less Energy For Hair Removal

Laser hair removal clinic use laser energy beams of 150  joules per cm2 or more. Higher energy means more painful zaps. The zap is painful at the professional centers, there cooling devices are needed to prevent skin burns. Home laser systems (like the TRIA Laser) use only to 24 joules per cm2 of laser.

IPL systems for home hair removal – Use low energy flashes – with a measly 5-6 joules per cm2. So the zapping is not as painful as at the laser hair removal clinic.

I have felt the zapping of the Me my Elos which has a softer IPL pulse, it feels like a slight pinch which did not even cause any discomfort. Play the short movie clip below.

Consult Your Doctor!

With less zapping discomfort (nearly zero!) there is no danger for IPL hair removal during pregnancy. Especially during the first two trimesters. Take in mind that IPL sessions are done 2 weeks apart so if you are in the middle of your pregnancy, you may reach the third trimester and without completing the treatment schedule.

During pregnancy, one of the symptoms can be excessive hair growth. This is due to the hormones going wild during the first trimester. The unwanted extra hair will fall off a few weeks after the baby is born, so this kind of hair should not bother you too much. It is only temporary.

Still IPL should not done over sensitive skin like the lower abdominal, pubic, upper and inner thighs.

Consider a Premium IPL System

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