12 Medical Conditions Where Laser Hair Removal Is Forbidden

Laser Hair Removal High Risk Group

Though everyone would love to have a clean and easy laser hair removal, for some people this aesthetic procedure is no allowed for medical and safety reasons. We have gathered in the list below the medical cases in which laser hair removal is forbidden. YOU MUST CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR before doing any laser (or IPL) hair removal if you suffer or think you may have one of the medical situations described below.

There are other alternatives for hair removal to laser and IPL. So you can still groom your body and have it silky smooth by removing unwanted body hair in different methods. Though the other methods are not ‘permanent’ they will deliver the expected results for a few weeks each time. Note that laser and IPL hair removal are not permanent either, they are just long term hair reduction.

When Laser Or IPL Are Not Allowed

  1. If you have a history of skin cancer or areas of potential skin malignancies
  2. If you have been on a steroid regimen
  3. If you have had, or are on radiotherapy or chemotherapy
  4. If you have a tattoo or permanent makeup on treatment area
  5. If you have a febrile disease (over 38 degrees)
  6. If you have abnormal blood pressure
  7. If you have Tuberculosis, or any acute or infectious diseases
  8. If you are pregnant or nursing (lactating)
  9. If you have a heart disorder
  10. If you have any skin diseases
  11. If you have allergies
  12. If you were exposed to strong sunlight or an artificial tanning machine within the past week.

Most of these situations are harmful due to the fact that laser and IPL hair removal use intense light flash (laser beam) to provoke heat inside the hair, and the light pulse may cause severe damage to surrounding skin tissue.

Safe Alternatives To Laser Hair Removal

The safe alternatives for those who can not use laser or IPL are removal methods which do not include intense light energy. If you have any of the medical situations mentioned in the list, you should consult your doctor before trying any other hair removal method recommended here.

When Laser Hair Removal Is not Allowed
Low Cost 'Home Electrolysis KIT'

Electrolysis – Is the only real ‘permanent’ hair removal (as defined by the FDA). Electrolysis does not use light to eliminate the hair growth. In the electrolysis kit, there is a thin needle probe which is inserted to the hair shaft, and a small electric current destroys the hair stem cell.

It can be safe for those who have been in tanning or over skin with tattoos (for them laser is not allowed). The cons of electrolysis is that it is too slow… Because each hair follicle needs to be treated one-by-one. Click here to buy a low cost home electrolysis kit.

Hair Removal Epilator When Laser Is Forbidden
Braun X'elle Fast Effective Body Epilator

Electric Epilators – The epilator systems do the same effect as waxing, but are less painful. Epilating devices have a fast rotating tweezers which pull the hairs from the roots. Hair is not expected to be seen for a few weeks.

Though epilators are used by thousands of women, note that the first session is not pleasant, but the second and third sessions will be breeze! The main cons is the discomfort (lets face it – it hurts!), using a good epilator machine can reduce the discomfort substantially. Here is the best epilating machine you can find today (2012).

Hair Removal Creams – There are chemical creams which cause the hair to dissolve and fall off. Like the epilators the solution is not permanent (only Electrolysis is permanent). Depilatory creams can be used by those who are in high risk for laser treatments.

The main con is the smell of these creams, and the fact that some can irritate sensitive skin. The advantages of hair removal depilatory creams is that they are very easy to use, and is 100% painless! Get here: Hair Removal Cream For Men and here: Hair Removal Cream For Women.

Medically Disapproved For Laser Hair Removal

Do not proceed with IPL or laser hair removal and put yourself in unnecessary risks. The last thing you need is to have some kind of complications with your hair removal treatment. Get one of the safe alternative after consulting your doctor.

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