Summer Laser Hair Removals Might Cause Skin Cancer

Summer Laser Treatments – Cancer Risks

Summer laser removal dangersToo many people plan summer laser hair removal treatments, but they do not know, or not fully understand that such summer aesthetic treatments may cause irreversible damages to the skin, and even end up in greater chances to develop skin cancer melanoma. So if you were planning laser hair removal for bikini line or legs, read this before you begin.

Skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer today in America, there are tens of thousands diagnosed every year alone, and many skin cancer patients die every year from the cancer and it’s side effects.

In this review you can read information regarding laser hair removal at summer month and the risks related to such treatments of skin cancer. If you choose to do the laser treatments at least you know what you are facing and will not be surprise a few years from now. The threat is not from the laser but from the laser effects and the sun.

You Might Forget But The Skin Remembers

Dermatologists and skin doctors have a saying “The skin remembers”. They mean that even if you had a sun burn 7 years ago, you might have even forgotten from, the skin will remember it! The skin cells which absorbed the sun UV light rays might have then began to develop the cancerous cells.

People who find out they have skin cancer diagnosed, might have been carrying the Melanoma cells for some years. Too much exposure to sun light UV rays can caused the cancer to increase.

The Natural Protection Shield From UV Rays

The skin has an important role in the human body, to protect the body from outside threats. The way the body protects it self from the UV rays, is by darkening the skin tone so it will not be burned. (You can read here more on UVA & UVB and sun tanning safety tips).

There are different skin tone and colors, the lighter tones and white colors will get red at 30 minutes of sun exposure and sun burned easily when to much UVB rays reach the skin. Totally black skin will never get sun burned even if it is all day at the sun.

The skin tone is a factor of the skin ability to produce Melanin, the natural substance which makes the color tones in the body and skin cells, blue eyes, blond hair, brown skin tone. Albino syndrome happens when the body does not have any Melanin production at all, and body cells are white.

The way the body protects it’s self from UV rays, is by producing more Melanin.

Laser Hair Removal And Skin Cancer

The laser hair removal process it’s self does not cause skin cancer. One of the most frequently asked questions at the hair removal forums is ‘Can laser hair removal cause skin cancer’ . The plain answer is that it can NOT. But that answer is not totally true.

In the laser hair removal process, the laser machines emit so much light energy at the skin, that the skin protection shield Melanin, might get damaged. So the treat to the skin is not from the laser but the side effects it has on the skin.

When it comes to developing skin cancer, one of the well known facts is that the sun UV rays are harmful and are in charge of most skin cancer diseases. While the body normally might produce more dark skin cells to protect from the sun, after laser treatments melanin production is somewhat damaged.

Large amounts of UV rays can cause more damage to the skin when the body protection shield is weak, than at regular times.

Postpone Laser Treatments Till Autumn

The body is a holistic system, it does not matter if you have done laser hair removal at the legs, and now they are covered when you walk outside. Even if only the upper body will receive the UV rays, still the body will not be able to protect from their long term effects.

There are two side effects Hypo-pigmentation which is a permanent side effect of white spots showing on the skin, once the melanin protection is damaged, skin cells will grow white without any skin tone color ( like Albino spots). Or Hyper-pigmentation which is dark spots appearing when the body tries to protect itself by over production of Melanin.

Both of these side effects can be reduced by doing laser hair removal at the winter or autumn and not at the summer. Then the sun rays are softer, and there are more chances of clouds which protect from short UVB rays.

Doing laser hair removal with home laser systems, is better than the clinic lasers which are 500% more powerful. You can find more information about the New TRIA laser system, and the DM 6000 laser system.

Another safe way, might be to use Elos hair removal system like the Me my Elos hair removal system.

If you plan correctly, beginning laser sessions at autumn will end up at mid winter, which will allow the skin melanin production a few more month to recover, before the summer sun and UVB rays will be back again.


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