Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Teenage Girls

Risks For Teenagers Laser Hair Removal

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Teenage GirlsMany teenage girls today ask for laser hair removal as part of their personal grooming needs. Many parents are seeking advice on teenagers laser hair removal safety. In this review we will cover risks and side effects for teenage laser hair removal.

Teen Hair Removal and Self Confidence

There are a few factors to support hair removal treatment for teen girls. At this age girls are becoming women, feeling ‘beautiful’ and ‘attractive’ by themselves and by others is a major issue in building their self esteem and self confidence.

Facial hair growth, can be very troubling for young girls, as school kids can be quite cruel, and damage her self confidence. At this age children compare their looks to other children looks, and on top of all this they compare themselves to impossible ad models which have been retouched by Photoshop.

In this case part of the solution is not laser hair removal but education. Show them this clip which shows the big lie behind the beautiful model figure teen girls see in ads.

If a young girl has a hair problem, being hairy while all the rest of the girls are not, can damage her self confidence dramatically. In some cases the excessive hair growth may be caused by a hormonal disorder which can be solved by balancing her hormones. Doing laser hair removal for such teenage girls will not solve the hair growth, which will keep growing despite the treatments!

Laser Hair Removal For Teenage Girls

Most professional hair salons will not preform a laser hair removal on girls below the age of 18. Some places will ask for a parental letter of approval before treating young girls below the age of 18.

Are there risks for laser hair removal done on teen age girls? 

Must Be Right Candidate – If the teen girl is the right candidate, fair skin dark hair, there is no health risk for laser hair removal. Dark skin or fair blond hair compositions can result in some side effects for laser hair removal at a young age.

Results Are Not PermanentLaser hair removal is not a permanent solution for teenagers. In fact during puberty there are more chances that the hair will grow back, because of hormonal changes. A teen girl can be treated and hair will keep popping.

Hair Removal Treatment Cycle is Over Two Month – Teenagers are used to instant solutions. A single hair removal session treats 15% of the overall hair (which is in the Anagen growth-stage of the hair life-cycle). A proper hair removal treatment will last over two month, in which that time period, the skin will be treated 6-8 times.

So planning a laser hair removal just before the pram will not solve anything.

Skin DiscolorationLaser hair removal can cause teen girls skin discoloration. It is rather a rare side effect, but the damages can be much more severe than the hair growth. The laser bombards the skin with light energy which can damage the melanin production. Over melanin production will result in dark patches showing on facial skin. This side effect for a teenage girl can cause psychological problems having such hyper-pigmentation on skin.

Sun Ultra-Violet Rays & Skin Cancer Risks – After laser hair removal the young girl should avoid the sun for 3 days! This means walking in the shade, wearing  a hat, long sleeves and covering exposed skin with UVA and UVB sun block. Laser hair removal can not cause skin cancer, it is the sun exposure after laser hair removal which can trigger cancer cells.

Home Hair Removal Solutions For Teen Girls

Teen age girls laser hair removal
Me my ELOS – Currently The Best Hair Removal For Home Use

Home IPL systems can be a safer and cheaper option for hair removal treatments for teenage girls. The IPL has less light energy than laser (4 joules vs. 150-300 of joules in professional laser machines). IPL can be done at home, in privacy and a specific place can be treated (bikini line, legs, arms).

Most IPL systems are not recommended for facial usage. If planning on facial hair removal for your teen girl, you may need to get the premium home IPL systems such as: Me my ELOS or Viss IPL Beauty.

Me my ELOS Combo DealThe best IPL hair removal you can find today for teenager’s home treatments is the Me my ELOS hair removal, it has advanced ELOS technology, which allows a super-fast and effective treatments.

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It can cover a full leg in 10 minutes while other systems will need 30-40 minutes to treat one leg.

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