Can You Use Tria Laser On Your Vagina

Using TRIA Laser On Vagina Or Genitals

Many girls ask at hair removal forums ‘can I use TRIA laser on my vagina?”, ‘can the TRIA laser be used on labia?’ or ‘is the TRIA laser safe on genitals?‘. The simple direct answer to these questions is NO! The TRIA laser should not be used to treat hair growth near or around the vagina, labia or genitals.

But when digging down to the question some really ask can the TRIA laser be used to remove hair from pubic and lower abdominal areas. In this case the answer is a little more complex than the plain NO. Read below to gather your information regarding using the TRIA near your vagina or genitals.

Pubic Or Labia Hair Removal

TRIA Laer hair removal from vagina or genitalesThere is a distinct difference between removing hair from the pubic area and the hair removal from the labia. The pubic skin it not as sensitive as the labia skin and usually is more pale than the labia skin. The best candidate for TRIA laser will be dark hair and pale skin. Zapping dark skin may be painful and cause unwanted side effects.

TRIA Laser is not approved for hair removal from the buttocks, scrotum and on facial hair.

Using TRIA For Pubic Hair Removal

For most people the pubic is white tone (unless shaved and sun tanned).  The TRIA laser can be used to remove pubic hair and trim a nice bikini line or ‘Brazilian Landing Strip‘.

The pubic skin is sensitive so the TRIA laser should be used on a ‘Low” energy level (out of 5 laser levels available). If you feel the zapping sensation is not as painful, as you thought it would be,  it is recommended to increase the energy level to the higher level for more effective results.

TRIA or any other light based system (IPL) pubic hair removal is not allowed if you are pregnant! The zapping may cause reflex cramps which may risk your pregnancy wellbeing. Read here on pregnancy hair removal risks.

Using TRIA Laser For Vagina Hair Removal

The women’s vagina is made of very sensitive skin which in most cases is darker than the body skin tone. The hairs grow on the sides of the vagina at the labia area. There are two kinds of labia areas:

  • Labia Minora – The inner labia, inner lips do not have any hair growth on them.
  • Labia Majora – Are the two surfaces covering the vagina, an outer lip, pigmented and covered with strong, crisp hairs; and an inner, smooth and beset with large sebaceous follicles.

Using TRIA Laser On Labia

Using the TRIA laser over the pigmented skin of the labia may cause severe pain and side effects. The light which is intended to heat the melanin in the hair follicle, will alternately heat the labia skin tissue and may cause skin burns! For this reason the TRIA laser user guide specifically states the system can not be used on genitals.

The TRIA laser has a skin tone sensor, so it should protect the user from trying to preform a treatment on dark skin tones. If the labia and vagina skin is not dark enough to lock the system treatment technically can be done.

Other Methods For Hair Removal From Genitals

Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro blond hair removal effectiveAll IPL systems use less light energy than the TRIA Laser. Officially non of the IPL systems permits any hair removal on the vagina. It is for the same reason, the labia skin is usually darker, it is very sensitive, and the chances for painful side effects are higher.

Using a low energy level to remove hair from outer lips, may work, but you will be doing it at your own risk.

Can TRIA Laser be Used On Vagina LabiaElectric Wet & Dry Shavers – The best way and most safe way to remove hair from the vagina or labia is by using a small compact electric shavers. These shavers have feminine curves, they can give a smooth close shave, and without any pain or side effects. The wet & dry shavers are best because the shaving then can be done in the shower or bath in privacy. Here is one of the most recommended female shavers for intimate shaving.

The Only System Approved For Dark Skin

There is one technology which is approved by FDA to treat dark skin, it is the ELOS systems. These use less IPL energy and combine their zapping with Radio Frequency (RF). The ELOS is not FDA approved for genitals or vagina hair removal either. So if you plan to use it, you do it at your own risk.

Don’t bother to look for a laser or IPL machine that does allow hair removal from the vagina, because there isn’t any. In order to get an approval for such treatments the manufacturers have to show the FDA clinical trials done on these specific private areas.

Iluminage Precise Touch

iLuminage Touch IPL For Vagina Hair RemovalThe main difference between ELOS and the laser or IPL is that the ELOS is approved to treat ALL SKIN TONES – even dark and black skin. And since the Labia lips are usually darker, and you want to treat them somehow, you would be better to do it with ELOS device like the iLuminage Precise Touch than any other device.

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iluminage precise touchThe iLuminage Precise Touch has a narrow  IPL window for precise treatments as you can see in the image above.

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Using the ELOS on it’s lowest energy level is least painful than compared IPL or Laser devices. You must shave the hair before you zap it with any IPL or ELOS.

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