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Learn How To Remove Butt Hair Safely

It is usually men who are addressing questions to Yahoo Answers, such as “Help! I need hair removal from my buttocks” or “Help Me Remove Butt Hair“, but having hairy cheeks on the butt can be a women’s trouble too. In this review you can learn several techniques and methods which will help you have a hair free buttock.

Hair On Men Buttocks Is Women’s Turnoff

Buttocks hair removalOne may wonder why bother remove hair from a body area no one sees anyway? Even the person himself usually can not see his own butt, unless they stand in front of a mirror? So why do so many men and women care about removing hair from the rear part? The simple answer is that it relates to self confidence and self esteem.

A hairy furry butt is a total turn off in the sexual way, both for men and women. So just like having a shaved pubic or trimmed Brazilian landing strip, it is something we save and share with our sexual partners only. In many places having the butt hairs removed is called Brazilian waxing/shaving, which refers to removing hairs from all the private parts and having a smooth bare body.

Permanent Ways To Remove Butt Hair

Buttocks hair removal laserThe most obvious way to remove butt hair would be to attend a laser clinic and have the hairs zapped away by laser. The main problem is most men would not feel comfortable enough to lay down on a table and have some trained participator ‘work’ on the butt. Except from that regular visits to the clinic (6-8 visits) would cost hundreds of dollars.

Electrolysis can be another solution, first of all because it is truly permanent, it might cost less than laser since the butt is a smaller area than the legs or back, and can be completed in fewer sessions. It might still be not affordable to many, and there is the same problem having some one “work on the butt” issue men do not like.

A more possible option would be to use one of the home IPL hair removal kits. These can do a pretty good job, within a few weeks some of the hair would fall off, and other may grow thinner and softer. The advantage of such at-home IPL systems, is that it can be done in the privacy of your home, there is no need to waste money on expensive treatments sessions and invest the time to schedule these sessions. These IPL machines are usually less painful than clinic lasers, so the treatment is more bearable.

The main pitfalls are that the initial investment buying these machines is not cheap at all, they range from $500-$900. Unless you plan to remove hair from other body parts, the investment just for butt hair removal is costly. The second thing is that the rear part of the body can NOT be self treated, you will need another ‘helping hand’ to do a butt hair removal session. And unless you can think of someone who will be willing to do so, the IPL machines are useless for such purpose.

Hair Removal From The Buttocks | Waxing

One popular way to remove butt hair for men (and women) is to use wax. The wax is easy to apply, it can be done by one privately (though it will be a hassle and complicated). Waxing the butt hair is cheaper than buying IPL machines. there are plenty of waxing kits to purchase online, and they are all just as good.

Before you begin waxing your buttocks, note that it is painful! You will be ripping the hairs stuck by the wax on the cloth strips hard, and puling them all off at once! There is no pleasant way to wax… Do some small test to see you can handle it, and to see there are no side effects you can not sustain. Check the kit below:

The butt cheeks will be hair free for several weeks, expect some skin redness and soar pain in the first hours.

Remove Butt Hair | Hair Removal Creams

A very popular option, which is cheap and painless, is applying hair removal depilatory creams on the behind, and let the science and chemistry do the rest for you. Depilatory creams like Veet or Nair for Men are applied for a few minutes in which the cream is “breaking the disulfide bonds that link the protein chains” (wikipedia).

Please follow the instructions carefully as the hair removal creams are severe chemicals and leaving them longer than suggested on the skin may end up in unwanted side effects. When you are done, wash the area in cold water, cooling the skin will prevent irritations and skin sensitivity.

The main advantage is that using hair removal creams on your buttocks can be done without any ‘helping hand’, it is fairly cheap to maintain, and as mentioned not painful as waxing or laser.

Hair Removal From The Buttocks | Shaving

Remove Buttocks Hair Shaver
The CleanCut Shaver

A very popular way to remove buttocks hair is to shave the hairs regularly. Shaving will keep hairs away for a few days (or hours) depends on you hair growth cycle. Shaving is cheaper than all the techniques above, and just like the hair removal creams – shaving is painless!

To learn how to shave your butt hair, there is not much to know except, that you can do it by regular Gillette blades or with a special personal butt hair shaver. Razor shaving may be slightly cheaper, but there is always the hassle of having to shower and soak the skin before shaving. Personal shavers (like the CleanCut Shaver) will make it much easier as they are quick and clean to use, and no mess is involved.

For a razor blade shave, please remember to soak the hairs until they are soft, use conditioner to soften them more. Then apply a shaving oil on the skin so the blades will glide softly and you will not get any nicks and cuts! Use a clean new blade for best results.

Get your own Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver here.

Electric personal shavers like the CleanCut, can simplify the process and make it a quick private thing. Buttocks hair can not be left to grow back stiff, or walking and sitting will feel very uncomfortable. If you haven’t tried yet the easy Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver get one here.


Learning how to remove hair from buttocks may help your self esteem and self confidence rise when you are with a partner in intimate relations. Hairy butt is not a very sexy view, even if your partner never mentioned that specifically. Removing butt hair can be a personal grooming upgrade for you.

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