Shoulders Hair Removal – Six Techniques To Remove Shoulders Hair

How To Get Rid Of Shoulders Hair

There are some ways in which men can remove hair from the shoulders. In this review we will try an cover all known ways men can get rid of hairs growing on the upper shoulders and upper back. If your back has hairs on it, you may want to review also the post about men’s back hair removal.

As you will soon see, there is not a single best way to remove shoulders hair. Some methods are long lasting ways, other are short term solutions. Some ways may require a financial investment which some may not have, and others are cheap and affordable but involve some kind of mess. The hair removal solutions may vary from person to person as each guy has different kind of hair growth on the upper arms and shoulders.

Permanent Removal Methods For Shoulders Hair

Laser Hair Removal – The simple way to get rid of shoulders unwanted hairs, is to check one of the hair removal clinics in your near local area. There with 6-8 laser treatments, you could get those hairs zapped away. The pros for this method is that your worries would be soon over, and except a seasonal touch up, your shoulders could be exposed to every girl at the beach.

The downside, is the cost! Laser treatment can cost up to $100 and you will need 6-8 sessions to cover all the hairs and ‘catch’ all the hair growth cycles needed for long term hair reduction. Picking the laser clinic option is also time consuming as well.

You may see advertisements for IPL hair removal too, it is practically the same idea as laser, but with a larger treatment spot size. Intense light flashes at the skin will zap away the hairs. IPL sessions are faster to complete which makes them more cost friendly.

Electrolysis Hair Removal – This is the true permanent hair removal solution for your shoulders! Doing electrolysis means each hair will be treated individually, and removed by a short electric current. As you can imagine it is a very slow process, and time = money… If you have hairy shoulders, you will be financially broke before you see them bare.

Home Laser / IPL Hair Removal Systems

Me my Elos Hair RemovalUsing home hair removal systems may be a cheaper solution for men with hairy shoulders. The results are not 100% permanent, and are referred as ‘permanent hair reduction’. The pros of this is that you may see a substantial decrease in hair growth, and the price is much more affordable (compared to a visit to the clinic).

The down side, is that it can not be done alone, and you will need some helping hand, to complete shoulder hair removal with one of the at-home systems. The light pulses need to be done in a grid overlapping motion, which can not be done over the shoulders. The fact that most of those systems have slim women pics on them, does not mean they are not suitable for men too. Here are the leading at-home systems:

  1. Tria Laser – It’s a laser, not IPL, FDA approved, has stronger pulses of light, but it requires very long sessions. Tria Laser is more painful than IPL.
  2. Silk’n SensEpil – A leading IPL system, award winning device, easy and fast to treat and less painful than laser.
  3. Me my Elos – The most advanced technology for hair removal at home, IPL + RF (Radio Frequency) will do the job faster and less painful than the other two systems.

If your shoulders have freckles or skin tags, than you might want to be careful with the laser hair removal option Tria), as laser light on freckles dark pigment may cause severe pain and slight skin burns.

Waxing The Shoulders

This may be a mid-term solution, as waxing pulls the hairs from the root, it lasts longer than the shaving solutions. The problem may be similar to the hair removal machines, and another pair of hands would be needed here to to complete the waxing sessions.

The good part is that waxing is cheaper than laser and IPL, so it can be done in a professional cosmetic skin care place. Another good thing is that waxing from the shoulders is painful – But less painful than from other more sensitive locations…

See this Moom Hair Removal Organic Kit, it’s like waxing leaves skin hair free for up to 2 months and removes successfully fine and coarse hair.

The downside is that waxing is as temporary as shaving… It will cost you more, it will be more painful and time consuming to follow, and is something you can never do at your own privacy.

Rub Hair Removal Creams Over Your Shoulders

Men Shoulders Hair Removal CreamHair Removal creams are not just for smooth women’s legs… They can be used as a hair removal solution to get rid of shoulders hair too. The hair removal depilatory cream, has chemical substances that break down the hair cells and cause the hair to drop off. Without going into deep chemical science – it works!  

The main advantages are that hair removal creams are very easy to apply alone, like rubbing your shoulders with conditioner… Most hair removal creams have unpleasant funny smell, and a slight itching or irritation may be felt. Read the user directions carefully and follow them exactly (If it says 3 minutes, measure 3 minutes!) Otherwise you will have skin irritation and redness all over your shoulders.

Blade Shaving Your Shoulders

Shave Shoulders And Back HairThe cheapest way to keep your shoulders hair free is to shave them regularly. It would be the most obvious solution except for the uncomfortable position and flexibility needed to reach far back. The benefits are simple, shaving can be done privately, during showers, with little or no expenses.

There are several shaving handles sold on Amazon, and help men reach further down the back and upper shoulders. The idea is very clever, a long handle with a place at the end to insert a Gillette shaving razor. The tool is easy to use, and can help any one reach as far behind the back and shoulders as needed. There is also an attachment brush to apply the shaving cream easily.

If you do not have hairs on your back, and suffer only from hairy shoulders, you do not need the Razorba. You can reach anywhere with your arms, just use a brand new Gillette razor blade to make sure the shaving motion is gliding softly.

Electric Shavers With Long Handles

Electric Shavers For Shoulders Hair RemovalIf you wish to have an easier life and still see a hair free back & shoulders at the mirror, than the most cost effective solution will be to use a back groomer kit. There are electric hair trimmers which can be used over the shoulder and keep your upper body hair free.

Their main advantages, is that they are cheap to buy and easy to use. There is no mess and hassle as you may find during a back razor shaving session. Done in the privacy of your bathroom, and you do not need any helping hand, or woman to assist you to remove hair from the shoulders.  Using electric body trimmers, shoulders hair removal sessions are faster to complete, and totally painless.

The main downside, is that the effect is short term solution only, daily or weekly sessions will be needed to keep shoulders hair free from stiff hairs stubs.