Men’s Hair Removal From The Back

How To Cheaply Remove Back Hair

It is no secret that the hair on men’s back is one of the reasons men go to laser clinics for laser hair removal. Unlike hair on other men’s body parts, hair on the back is not ‘sexy’. This means that while having hair on the chest and hair on the arms or legs can be seen as ‘masculen’ or even as a sign for manhood, hair on the back is a turn off for most women.

Going to laser clinics can be quite expensive and cost $500-$900 for 6-8 laser sessions, here you can review cheap alternative ways to get rid of your back hairs for less.

There are many cheap and cost effective ways to get rid of the hair growing on the back, they differ from ways you can do by yourself, and removal methods that require someone else to assist you. In this review you will get all the information for DIY low price men’s back hair removal

Getting Rid of Hair From Back By Yourself

Shaving The Back Hair

 Shaving is the most simple cost effective way for men to get rid of unwanted hairs from the back. It can be done at the shower, with a razor and some shaving gel or cream. There are two faults for back shaving – most men cannot reach all the way to have a even shave.. The arms and body flexibility is low. (Most men will manage to shave the upper shoulders, shave the base of the neck and top part of the back only). The second thing is that this method needs to be repeated again and again, since the hair will grow back and the last thing you want is to have those hairs make your back feel like sandpaper.

So how can you overcome these two factors and still get your back hairless? There are some men’s shaving gadgets that may make the back shaving an easy job, they do not cost so much and may make the whole process fast and bearable.

Back Shaver Device – Like this Razorba War Hammer Back Hair Shaver, this “War Hammer” shaver is a patented razor handle wand that holds your favorite razor, Gillette and disposable razors, ergonomically and makes to whole process of back shaving a piece of cake.. even for men without flexibility. It solves the problem of back hair by letting men shave at their own convenience. It’s quick and easy to insert or remove a razor. To use, apply some soap or shaving cream with the ‘Stud Stamper’ applicator brush attachments (See here) until the back is slippery enough, then simply insert a razor into the ‘Razorba Back Hair Shaver’  and shave.

Back Shaver Mirror – When shaving your back by yourself  with or without the aid of a Back Handle Shaver, there is a need for a mirror. Think of the embarrassment seen with a missed area on your back you failed to shave.. there are many bath mirrors but their problem is the fog that will make them useless in a warm shower. There is a patent Fogless Shower Mirror that can be placed in the shower, it will stayed fogless even in a steaming shower. 

Unbreakable Mirror – If you shave your back outside the bath, you will want an Unbreakable Mirror, to stand with your back to the main mirror and see what you are doing with the Unbreakable Mirror. You do not want a glass (breakable) mirror at the bath, where everything is slippery (hands, floor) and you will probably be barefoot..

Electric Trimmers & Shavers For Back Hair

Getting rid of the back hair can be a tiring routine, every other day the shaving session will have to take place, at the shower, with the shaving gel, the long shaver handle.. Some men prefer the electric trimmers to complete the hair removal job faster and with less mess. While there are many body hair removal machines, most of them are made for the head or pubic area and trying to use them for the back hair removal will useless!

You need to look for back hair grooming trimmers!  Those electric back trimmers have an extended handle that will allow you to reach deep to the back area and make the hair removal possible.

This is Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself  Back Hair Shaver– Features a professional handle which can extend and lock at any length chosen by engaging the lock button on the handle. The great benefit is that it enables to create a perfect custom shaving length. The extreme reach of the Mangroomer shaver  measures over two feet in length when fully extended, allowing any man to reach even the most difficult middle and lower portions of the back.

You do not have to purchase the Mangroomer, there are other electric trimmers for the back with the extended handle. Most of them are regular brands you may be familiar with (Remington), that are sold with a separate handle, to help you reach and trim the back hair.

Those back hair trimmers, can make the whole process much more fast and convenient than shaving the back.

For an even cheaper way, and maybe easier way, see the article – The Secret Cheap Way For Men’s Back Hair Removal