The Super Easy Back Hair Removal Method

The Secret Way To Remove Back Hair

Many men wish to remove hair from the back. The regular options as going to laser clinic or going to get the back hair removed with electrolysis, both are very expensive. Except for the large sum of money involved in the laser or electrolysis hair removal, the whole process is something men would rather avoid.

There is always an option of removing the back hair by shaving it away, this method is rather cheap (everyone has a shaving blade) and the only extra thing needed for back hair removal, will be a back shaver device, like the “War Hammer” back shaver. This is the main way men remove back hair at the shower, this is the wet way.

The second way for back hair removal, will be using the electric back shavers, like the Mangroomer and others, those shavers are designed to shave the back hair with the aid of a big folding handle. These are very comfortable to use, and many men use them for back hair shaving easily at home. This is the the dry way..

The Easy Way For Men’s Back Hair Removal

There are some ways involving body grooming that women know much more about than men. One of these ways is everything concerning hair removal creams. The depilatory creams have active chemicals inside them that break down keratin, the principal protein that forms hair strands, allowing it to be safely wiped away with gentle friction rather than requiring a blade or other harsh treatment. Women know quite a lot about those creams, also known as “hair removal creams”, men somehow know less..

Hair Removal Creams For Back Hair Removal

You might need to find out which of the available hair removal creams for men is best for you, by trying them one by one, as they each use a slight different chemicals and ingredients. The precise effects of the cream vary based on its strength and the color and coarseness of the hair being removed as well as the length of time the cream is left undisturbed on the hair to act. You must read the safety label on each product before you use it.

The Simple Back Hair Method

The simple way, is to use men’s hair removal cream by placing it with a special Lotion Applicator these lotion applicators have a long handle like the back shavers, so you can apply the hair removal cream on it, and rub it on the unwanted back hair. Make sure to follow the instructions on the hair removal cream, and make sure the lotion is left at correct amount of time. The unwanted hair will then fall off  easily!

The Unknown Back Hair Removal Method

Applying men hair removal cream on the back is not an easy job, reaching every spot at the back is not a simple task without the special Lotion Applicator. There is another product which can make the hair removal process from the back more achievable for men, to manage themselves: Hair Removal Spray.

Some companies have found that men need a way to apply hair removal substances, but without the rubbing cream process (which men find awkward and a little feminine..) So they developed the same hair removal, in spray can. Then all you have to do, is to spray your back, wait 4-5 minutes, and the back hair just can be wiped off! Easy, clean, simple and more masculine then rubbing creams..

So now you have 4 different options for back hair removal:

  • Shave it manually with the extended blade handle, the Pros – It is cheap, you have can use the regular Gillette blades you have, do it at the shower. Cons – It is more hassle than you think and needed to be repeated every other day.
  • Use electric shaver with folding arm to reach far back, Pros – easy to follow, fast and comfortable way, dry. Cons – Buying the electric shaver.
  • Use the regular men hair removal creamswith the lotion applicator, Pros – Easy, fast, private cost effective. Cons- Might need to check some creams to find which work best for you, may be a mess to apply, strange odor, feminine feeling..
  • The special hair removal spray for men, to remove hair from your back, Pros – Clean and easy, fast and private. Cons – Not too many brands to choose from.

Good luck ! You are closer to a smooth hairless back than ever before.