Which Home Laser Hair Removal Systems Are FDA Approved

FDA Approved At-Home Laser Systems

FDA Approved Laser Hair RemovalThe fact that a manufacturer promise that their hair removal laser is the ‘best’ and ‘safest’ to use, does not mean that these claims have been verified and tested by any official authority like the FDA. While there are numerous laser hair removal systems and many IPL hair removal system, only a few of them have been cleared by the FDA.

In this review you will find out which of the leading laser hair removal systems have been cleared for home use by the FDA. In this list will be also FDA approval of IPL hair removal systems which use the intense light for hair elimination process.

Why FDA Approval Is Important For Safe Hair Removal

Laser is a high energy light which can cause quite a lot of damage and cause serious injuries if not used properly.

Laser light turns into heat, when beamed on dark matter. laser can penetrate deep in to the skin layers, and cause severe burns if used improperly. Laser light can cause eye damage or even blindness if the laser beam is pointed to a human eye. Lasers have long term dangers when used unprofessionally.

When laser devices are used at the Med-Spa or skin clinic, the technician who is preforming the laser hair removal treatment is a well trained person. When it comes to self laser treatments at home… There is no one to watch out for the users safety, except the FDA.

When the FDA approves a home laser hair removal kit, it makes sure that all the safety precautions are met, and the laser device is safe for peoples use. The FDA approval for laser hair removal systems include, checking the power of the laser energy light, the safety locks, and the user protection precautions.

FDA Approval For Home Laser Is Not Fool-Proof

Because there is no one at home with the person using a home hair removal kit, and users tend to try stupid things, the FDA approved systems have to be fool-proof as much as they can, so stupid people will not injure themselves either.

There are some stupid behaviors which the FDA home laser approval may not protect from. For example when a laser product has a large BOLD warning “Do NOT Use On The Face” and people ask in the hair removal forum: “I was removing hair from my eyebrows with the laser but the hairs keep growing..” If a product announce loud and clear “NOT for facial use” and people use the laser 0.5 inch from their eyes.. The FDA clearance and tests can not protect them from laser risks and severe side effects.

FDA Approved TRIA Home Laser Hair Removal

FDA Approved Tria Laser HAir RemovalThe first ever at home laser cleared by the FDA was the TRIA Laser (by TriaBeauty). Tria Laser home removal system was developed and presented at 1993, when the doctors lasers were compacted into a small home system device. The first clinical trails and tests began at 2005, and at 2008 finally the Tria Laser FDA clearance was granted.

Since the first FDA clearance for the Tria laser, the scientists and R&D of TriaBeauty have released at mid 2011 the third generation Tria laser hair removal system. All the systems have advanced safety measures to make sure the Tria user at home gets a safe and effective hair removal treatment.

Some of the FDA Approved Tria Laser safety measures:

  • Skin Tone Sensor – Prevents a beam to be projected at a dark skin.
  • Skin Contact Sensors – The tip of the Tria Laser has a three point surface contact sensors, which have to be activated by the skin contact in order for the laser to be emitted. If the Tria Laser is not pressed on the skin, no laser will be pulsed.
  • Energy Level indicator – The New Tria Laser hand device has 5 energy levels the user can choose from. The bright digital indicator helps the user know at each moment what is the power level they are using.
  • Light & Sound Indicators – A green light and short beep acknowledge the user before each laser pulse.

Check Here For More Details About The TRIA Laser System

(UK customersGet your TRIA laser system HERE)

FDA Cleared Silk’n IPL Hair Removal

FDA Cleared IPL Laser Hair RemovalThe second hair removal system approved by the FDA is the well known Silk’n SensEpil. Silk’n IPL hair removal system was chosen for About.com Readers Awards to be the Best Hair Removal System Of 2011.

Silk’n SensEpil is a popular home use hair removal system, which exercises the high FDA standards for safe and effective hair removal. The Silk’n was developed by Home Skinovations and is well known for their fine customer care and after sale care.

The Silk’n SensEpil has a large lamp window, so the treatment is much faster than laser, as the skin surface treated with every flash is wider. The Silk’n device has a cord so there are no ‘low battery’ issues like the Tria because it has permanent power supply throughout the session. Silk’n Safety measures are similar to the Tria laser including:

  • Skin Surface Sensors – To make sure the light flash can occur only when the device is touching the skin.
  • Skin Tone Sensors – To prevent dark skin from being treated.
  • IPL Light Range – The IPL has a safe level of Joule energy level, and 5 levels of light power to choose from.
  • Low Level Start – The first 50 pulses are designed to be low level only, until th user gets used to the IPL feeling and the energy level button is unlocked.

Check Here For More Details About The Silk’n SensEpil System

Are Laser Systems Not Approved By FDA Dangerous?

FDA Not Approved Me Elos Hair Removal kitWell it is not up to us to say if a system is safe enough if it was not evaluated by the FDA.

For example the newest hair removal technology the Me my Elos hair removal, which is now cleared by the FDA.

The Me my Elos has skin tone sensors, skin contact sensors, and hand grip sensors, and 5 levels digital indicator at the control panel.

Me My Elos Syneron PRO ULTRA – 120,000 pulses ALL body ALL skin type Permanent Infra-red Light Hair Removal System. FDA approved!!

Other Laser systems like the DM 6000 laser and DM 5000 (and the rest of the DM series) do not have a FDA laser system approval, but they lack some of the safety measures mentioned above, and while the boast with high power energy light, when used by ‘not-so-clever-people’ the results might be painful or dangerous at worst case scenarios.


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