Home Laser Hair Removal For Face – Yes or No

Home Facial Laser Hair Removal Debate

Home laser Hair Removal For FaceMore and more people are preferring to complete their hair removal process at home. The home laser hair removal machines have become more advanced with better results and safer procedure. The main question that stays is about home laser hair removal for face.

Facial laser hair removal has different aspects that need to be better evaluated before a yes/no answer can be given. Lets review the home laser hair removal for face pros and cons, so at the end you can make a better choice.

Laser Hair Removal Or IPL For Face

When people ask about home laser hair removal for face, they sometimes mix the two different technologies laser and IPL and refer to both as “laser”. But there is a great difference between laser hair removal and IPL hair removal (and the new ELOS hair removal)

  • Laser Hair Removal – The home lasers use a high pulse of laser light beam, which has a tiny skin spot coverage (few millimeters). The small laser tip needs to be pressed against the skin in order emit the laser.
  • IPL Hair Removal – These systems use light too, but not laser. A short flash of light at high energy is pulsed at the skin, usually through a ‘window’ of about 0.5 square inch. The IPL skin sensors must be in contact with skin for the light to flash.
  • Elos Hair Removal – This technology is currently available only at the Me my Elos system, it is like the IPL but the flashed light is softer and the hair removal process is completed with the Radio Frequency transmitted into the skin.

You will see below a review of current leading laser and IPL systems and further below a review of these systems hair removal for face information.

Which Home Laser Systems Are There

Current home laser systems you can buy online:

  1. Tria Laser System
  2. DM9050 Laser (New)
  3. DM9000 Laser
  4. DM7000 Laser
  5. DM 6000 Laser
  6. DM 5000 Laser
  7. DM 4000 Laser

The TRIA Laser system has FDA clearance and is not intended for facial hair removal. Excluding the face from the home laser hair removal is part of the approval process for lasers. The FDA do not want the responsibility to any hazards with lasers on the face (mainly the eyes).

The DM 4000, DM 5000 laser, DM 6000 laser systems by Biotechnique Advance are not FDA cleared and they recommend at their product page that the lasers are intended for facial use. The difference is that these lasers though for home use were manufactured for small hair clinics and there hair removal for face is part of the treatments offered.

Which IPL Systems Are There

The IPL systems are much more common to buy, as they allow a faster hair removal session than laser (but not as fast as ELOS), and in most cases they are less painful than laser (but not as painless as ELOS). The IPL machines are allowed to some extent hair removal for face.

Here are the top IPL machines you can get online:

  1. Silk’n Sensepil
  2. Silk’n Flash & Go IPL
  3. Remington IPL6000 
  4. Viss Beauty IPL

ELOS Hair Removal Systems

The only ELOS hair removal system for home use is the Me my Elos. It is sold in the UK as HoMedics Me my Elos. ELOS is used mainly at hair removal clinics and centers for professional use only.

The Me my ELOS has released a special Facial Kit, for safe face treatments.

Home Laser Hair Removal For Face

It is not a secret that when thinking of laser hair removal for the face, the first concern is about the eyes. There are different hair grow locations on the face which are not close to the eyes, like the chin or upper lips. The facial hair growth locations which tend to be closer to the eyes, and for that more dangerous to treat by laser light are sideburns and eyebrows and the sides of forehead.

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Dangers From Laser For Facial Use

The main danger would be laser blindness, the laser beam light is so intense it can easily cause part or full blindness. This is a risk no manufacturer can take, that is why there are so many safety precautions on this matter. Unlike other side effects which may be temporary an eye burn can be a long term side effect.

The TRIA laser, the Silk’n Sensepil, the Viss Beauty and Me my Elos have all skin contact sensors so the laser or IPL flash will not be pulsed without the device in full contact with skin.

Some IPL systems can be used for the face, usually with the exception that the treatment is from the cheek bone downward. The Silk’n SensEpil and Me my Elos allow some IPL hair removal for face.

Cosmetic Issues – Laser Hair Removal For Face

Facial skin is usually more sensitive and thin then other body skin locations. So having a laser burn can cause redness and blisters more easily. Unlike a burn at the legs which can be easily covered by cloth, a laser hair removal burn at the face may be agonizing, and more difficult to cover by make-up. This goes for in-grow hairs and other hair removal side effects.

Discoloration From Laser For Face

While Blisters and redness usually pass in a couple of days. Laser may cause skin discoloration. The more common may be hyper-pigmentation (dark patches) which can be treated, or the more troubling side effect which is hypo-pigmentation (white patches) which are permanent.

Skin discoloration is more common to laser as the light is concentrated at one spot, it is less common at IPL systems as the light is less intense as laser and the pigmentation Melanin is less destructed.

Make sure you stay away from sun tanning or any sun exposure after laser hair removal treatment on the face.

Home Hair Removal Solutions For Face

The only home laser system which allows hair removal from the face, are the DM 6000 laser, DM 5000 laser and the cheaper DM 4000 laser. These lasers are sold usually for small home cosmetic businesses and when another professional is using them they can be used for laser hair removal for face.

A laser hair solution for face can be the cheap laser pens (pens not laser pointers!) the hair removal pens like the Verseo ePen which are intended for facial use. They have a tiny tip (smaller than body laser hair removal systems) and softer laser, and can be used around the eyes.

The best solution will be to purchase a home laser/IPL hair removal system for the whole body, and a small cheap Electrolysis (less than $40) for the facial hair removal.

Since the Electrolysis hair removal technology is not based on light, so all the dangers mentioned above are not relevant for it. No blindness or discolorations. One other advantage, is that the electrolysis is permanent so only one treatment will be needed to eliminate further hair growth on the face.

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