Remington IPL6000USA i-Light Pro vs Tria

Compare Remington IPL6000USA to Tria Laser

Here you can see our comparison of Remington IPL6000USA i-Light Pro vs Tria Laser hair removal system. These are the two most popular hair removal systems for home use. More and more people have found that doing home hair removal treatments is convenient and cost effective compared to expensive beauty salon’s laser treatments.

Remington vs  TRIA

The TRIA laser system has been here since 2005 in several models, the one you can find today on Amazon is the upgraded Tria 3.0 the newest model. The Remington IPL6000USA i-Light Pro is the new player at the hair removal niche, with a growing number of fans.

Below you can see the full comparison for both the Remington IPL6000USA vs TRIA laser. We will review device specs (no geek technology talk), we will review main pros and cons for each system. You can see which device suits your needs best, before you decide to purchase one of them.

Remington IPL6000USA i light pro vs Tria laser

Remington IPL6000USA vs Tria Laser Specs

TRIA Laser vs Remington IPL Hair Removal
Tria Laser

The TRIA laser system is a cordless hair removal device. The pros – it is easy to use anywhere at home even at the garden, no clumsy cords and wires. The cons – TRIA Laser system is battery operated, so ‘low battery’ down times and recharging makes it less friendly for full body treatments, it is best for small areas treated separately (bikini, armpits, legs).

The Remington IPL6000 Pro has a unit base and a cord with a hand IPL piece. The pros and cons are just the opposite, you can not use it without having an electric power source connection, but once you are plugged in you can use it for a full body treatment with no ‘battery issues’.

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TRIA Laser Light vs Remington IPL Light

Laser is a single wavelength beam, and IPL is a wide spectrum white light. Laser has more energy concentrated at the tip, so it can turn dark matter (melanin in the hair) to heat better. IPL light pulse can do a similar effect by the fast flash and the wide spread of light. TRIA has 24 joules per cm² and Remington has 4 joules per cm².


Remington Vs TRIA Skin Treatment Surface

TRIA laser has treatment coverage of 1 cm² at the tip, if you look at the TRIA you can see the tip is as wide as a fingertip. The Remington IPL has 6 cm² IPL window. This means the Remington can cover six times more skin surface with each pulse than the TRIA.

The pros of a wider IPL window means faster treatments! Large areas of skin can be treated in less pulses and less time, you can complete a leg with Remington IPL in fraction of a time it would require TRIA to do the same job. The cons for a wide window is that working around precise skin locations is more difficult (moles, scars, tattoos).


Remington IPL Vs TRIA Laser Pulse Rate

The pulse rate (together with the light spot size) are responsible for the treatment time length. Both the Remington and the TRIA laser has similar pulse rate. TRIA can emit 1 pulse every 2.2 seconds, the Remington IPL can pulse every 2 seconds. Because of the wider spot size the Remington can complete any skin surface 6 times faster than the TRIA.

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Light Cartridge Comparison

The Remington has an IPL cartridge which is good for 1500 flashes. These should be enough to cover a full body twice. Since any hair removal treatment requires 4-6 treatments, 2 more cartridges should be bought when purchasing the Remington IPL.

The TRIA laser does not have a ‘cartridge’ but will work for 6 full body hair removal sessions. No added cartridges are needed.

Pros and cons – Buying 2 more cartridges is not as expensive as one might think, each cartridge costs $24, which is the cheapest IPL replacement cartridge compared to any other system. The pros is that the Remington can be used for years or passed to other family members. The TRIA has a limited capacity of light charged, and once it is emptied, it is useless.. and can not be ‘recharged’ with laser.


Safety Comparison Remington Vs Tria

Remington IPL6000USA i-Light Pro vs Tria

Both systems are safe for home use, but there are some differences worth to know. Tria has FDA approval, while all the rest of IPL systems have FDA clearance  (it means the technology is checked and found safe).

Laser light can severely damage the eyes, and cause skin burns to dark skin tones, so the TRIA Laser has two safety sensors. One locks the TRIA from emitting at dark skin surface, the second locks the TRIA from emitting into blank air, it is a touch sensor that unless the TRIA is pressed at the skin, will not allow it to operate.

Remington IPL has two safety sensors, one skin tone sensor, which is on the base unit user can unlock it by placing their skin for color evaluation (it will not unlock if dark skin is placed). The second sensor is a touch skin sensor which needs to be pressed (like the TRIA) in order to flash at the skin.


Remington IPL6000USA Cost Vs TRIA Laser

The main advantage which made the Remington IPL such a popular item on Amazon, is the price. While other IPL and laser systems were branding their devices by a high price tag, Remington IPL hit the markets at an extra low price, way below the rest.

 TRIA laser price is at a constant drop, since competing IPL systems have been released a few years ago. It was released to the markets with a $1000 price tag, and been declining since.


Remington IPL6000USA i-Light Pro vs Tria – Conclusion

TRIA was a leader for years for safe home hair removal system, but new technologies are pushing it a side. If you have the time to invest with pinpoint spot treatments, and can stand the zapping of laser, than the TRIA has enough satisfied customers to prove it is efficient.

If you have less time, and less money to invest, the Remington IPL6000USA i Light Pro is the best machine your money can buy today with a low budget. Get a Remington IPL6000USA i-Light Pro which cost $250! Which is half price of any other IPL system..



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