Silk’n Flash&Go Vs. Remington IPL6000 I Light

Compare Silk’n Flash&Go To Remington IPL6000

Two new hair removal IPL systems hit the markets. Both seem so similar, that we took the challenge to compare Silk’n Flash&Go Vs. Remington IPL6000 i-LightPro. In the review below you can read and find the main differences and similarities between the Silk’n Flash and Go to the Remington IPL6000.

Both not only have similar spec, but even look quite the same, which can make one wonder, was there some industrial espionage between Silk’n and Remington. On top of their similar looks to one another they both look like a copy of the ‘Philips Lumea IPL system’, which is a leading brand in Amazon UK, and not distributed yet in the US.

Silk'n Flash & Go Vs. Remington IPL6000 Comparison

IPL Specs Comparison Silk’n Flash&Go Vs. Remington

IPL Technology – Both systems use IPL wide light spectrum to disable the hair in the hair follicle. The Silk’n Flash and Go light technology is called HPL (Home Pulsed Light) which is a spin off term for the IPL technology.

IPL Light Energy – Remington IPL6000USA has up to 6 J/cm2, and Silk’n Flash&Go up to 5 J/cm2. Both with similar energy levels like all IPL systems.

IPL Spot Size – The Silk’n Flash & Go has a IPL spot size of  1.33 cm x 3 cm [4.0 cm Squared] and Remington IPL6000 has 2 by 3 centimeter (6.0 cm Squared). Larger spot size means better skin coverage, and faster sessions.

IPL Pulse Rate – The Silk’n Flash & Go has a pulse rate of 1 per 3.5 seconds, and the Remington IPL6000 has  flash each 2 seconds! So it is much faster to move around and treat with, with a larger spot size, it means much faster session treatments.

Silk’n Flash & Go Vs. Remington IPL6000

The Safety Aspect

The Silk’n Flash&Go IPL hair removal system has a clear advantage over the Remington IPL6000USA system. The Silk’n has the skin-tone-sensor on the IPL device, while the Remington has the sensor on the base unit. This makes the Silk’n more safe for tan/dark skin treatments, where it will lock the system and prevent pulsing light on dark skin areas. Just as reviewed in the Silk’n SensEpil Vs. Remington IPL comparison.

For pale skin people, the skin-tone sensor is irrelevant, and it is even a downfall, because it is slowing the system pulse rate with every pulse. The Remington IPL6000 I-Light Pro has a faster pulse rate than the Silk’n Flash&Go system.

The Silk’n Flash&Go has a continuous touch sensor, which means the system does not have to lifted and pressed between each pulse this means faster and more smooth treatment than the press motion of the Remington IPL system.

User Experience

Though the systems look similar, the Silk’n Flash&Go has no base unit, it looks like a hand held hair dryer! While the Remington IPL6000USA has a base unit and a hand held device. The Silk’n device is much more comfortable way to treat the body, without extra cables and cords around the house, and during the treatments.

The Remington IPL6000 larger spot size and higher pulse rate makes it able to complete a IPL hair removal session in less time than the Silk’n Flash & Go. When time is such an expensive issue in our lives, this is a major advantage for the Remington IPL device.

Replacement Cartridges For Silk’n Vs Remington

Buying an IPL system is like buying a home printer, you must take into consideration the IPL replacement cartridge capacity & costs. The Silk’n Flash & Go have a 1000 flashes per cartridge, while the Remington has 1500 flashes! So the silk’n will run out of IPL flashes 30% sooner than the Remington!

Price Comparison

The Silk’n Flash and Go price tag is $299, which is by $50 more than the Remington IPL6000 price offer of $249. When taking an over all look at the IPL specs and the user experience, the replacement cartridges expected by the two products, the Remington gets a leading edge with more ‘Value-For-Money’ home hair removal system.

Silk'n  Flash & Go Vs. Remington IPL6000USA I light Pro System

Our recommendationGet the Remington IPL6000 USA ! You will get more value for your money.

If you have a dark skin complexion, you may want to invest some more and get the Silk’n Flash&Go, avoiding skin burns with the skin-tone-sensor is worth 50 bucks! Click HERE to Get the Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal System.

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