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TRIA Laser Hair Removal 3.0 Cost

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New TRIA Laser Hair Removal 3.0
TRIA Laser Hair Removal 3.0

There may be many hair removal systems, but not all of these systems have been approved for home use by the FDA like the Tria Laser. TRIA Laser Hair Removal 3.0 is the new model of the former laser system device. The best part about the TRIA Laser Hair Removal 3.0 is that the cost of the system has been reduced!

The former TRIA hair removal machine was not only slower, but more expensive than this new 3.0 type. Other lasers competing in this category (DM 5000 and DM 6000 laser) are stronger than the TRIA but they do not have the FDA approval.

IPL hair removal systems have a different light flash than the laser, they are thought to be somewhat less effective. The IPL uses a larger type of spectrum light which is not as concentrated as the laser beam.

See below a review on the TRIA Laser Hair Removal 3.0 from the cost effectiveness compared to laser treatments at skin clinics.

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It would cost you the same amount in professional treatments just to get part of your legs done as it would to to make a one time investment in the Tria. A full bikini line treatment cycle costs on average $2000 and to get your back cleared anything it would cost upwards of $5000. If you’re like me and are looking to treat multiple areas, then getting it all done in a clinic is a financially impossibility.

On top of this, you have to consider the hassle and stress you save not having to go back for follow up treatments every couple of weeks not to mention any cancellation fees you may incur or worse – having to miss a treatment because the salon is fully booked.

When you consider the alternative, the Tria’s price tag starts to look much less of a barrier and more of an opportunity.

The Tria Gives You Permanent Hair Removal…FOREVER!

So the Tria scores big when it comes to money saved but can it really compete with salon treatment when it comes to results. After all, what’s the use in saving thousands of dollars if the outcome is inferior? Does it work in the long run?

Now is perhaps the time to debunk some of posts on various hair removal forums which claim that permanent laser hair removal can only be achieved by visiting a salon and handing over thousands of dollars.

This is completely untrue and it has been proven so by countless independent clinical trials. The main ‘evidence’ for this is always that eventually the treated hair grows back and that home laser hair removal devices can only reduce hair growth and not stop it completely.

However, these well meaning people always forget to mention one crucial point: hair grows in cycles and you can only ever completely destroy a hair follicle when it is in the active stage of growth. Because only about 1/3 of your hair is in this growth stage at any one time, it is likely that you will initially experience some regrowth. However, over time you will catch all the hair follicles in the active phase of growth and over time they will all be destroyed…forever. You just need to be patience and stick to your treatment schedule.

Ultimately, the only true test for permanency is:


Well in my case, it’s been ALMOST 8 MONTHS since I finished treating my back, chest, stomach and legs and there is still NO SIGN OF HAIR GROWING BACK.” Read More About The TRIA Laser..

The TRIA Laser Hair Removal 3.0 Improvements

TRIA LASER 4X Skin Contact SensorThe new 3.0 TRIA Laser at home system improvements makes it more effective for a complete body treatments, and faster sessions. Faster laser light beams, faster recharge, longer battery time and a better digital control interface. Now with the price dropped at Amazon it is a great bargain to buy a laser system to remove the unwanted body hair.

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