Best Candidate For TRIA 4 Laser System

Are You Best Candidate For TRIA 4.0 System

TRIA 4 Laser Hair Removal CandidateThe new TRIA laser 4.0 system attracts a lot of attention by candidates who wish to try it and be hair free. The new TRIA fourth edition is a beautiful and advanced system for home and personal use. Like all the former editions the TRIA is FDA cleared for safe personal use.

Doing laser hair removal at home and be done easily and safely as long as the candidate who uses the TRIA 4 is the right candidate when it comes to skin and hair contrast.

The TRIA has a safety skin tone sensor which measures the skin tone before unlocking the system. So if you try to treat an area which is not suitable the system will notify that there is a problem and will not unlock for further use.

Wrong TRIA 4 Candidates Risk Injuries

There are two kinds of ‘wrong candidates’ for the TRIA laser system.

Wrong Candidate For TRIA 4 Laser Hair RemovalThe first are those who have dark skin. People who have dark skin can not use the new TRIA 4 laser system. The diode laser inside the TRIA device projects a beam of laser down at the skin.

The light energy is absorbed by any dark matter and is turned into heat. If the skin has dark pigment (brown, black) the light will be absorbed by the skin tissue and will vaporize in an immediate painful zap!

Wrong Hair Candidate For TRIA 4 Laser Those with very light hair color tones like: blond, red, grey, white.

They are not the right candidates for the TRIA laser hair removal 4X either. The laser beam will not find any dark hair and there will be no effect for the treatment. The skin will get most of the light energy and unpleasant heat feeling and painful sensation will be felt.

Skin Hair Contrast For TRIA Laser 4.0

The right candidate for the TRIA laser system 4.o model it people who have fair skin, from white to tanned Caucasian. Type 1-4 skin types can be treated by the new TRIA laser safely as long as the hair color is dark.

The right candidates can expect better results than other people as the laser will preform it’s light-heat when the skin is fair and the hair is dark.

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The safety skin sensor will block the laser emission when aimed at dark skin tones. This means that there is no risk of any burns or injuries when using the TRIA laser system 4X model.

TRIA Laser 4 Generation For Face Hair Skin

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Note that other laser hair removal systems which use LASER (like the DM7000/DM9000 lasers), don’t have such a skin tone sensor, and are meant for professional use only.