This List Will Help You Choose The Right Hair Removal Laser

How To Choose The Right Hair Removal Laser Systems

One of the most difficult decisions customers have to make before buying a home hair removal system, is to choose between the vast devises and machines available on the markets. Comparing hair removal laser systems is not easy for the regular customer who has to compare so many features and parameters.

Laser? IPL? or a Needle In a Hay Stack

Every hair removal laser manufacture emphasis their own advantages, and compares their best specs with the competitors. It is very difficult to sort out, whats important and whats not, what has an impact on personal hair removal safety and what is a feature which is only ‘nice to have’.

The first thing a customer has to know is that some lasers (and IPL) require specific candidates to be effective. Not every laser hair removal device for home use can treat dark skin. So the first thing is to look down at your legs, arms and bikini line..

What is your skin color?

Hair Removal Skin Tone ChartIf you are dark brown, well tanned skin or tanned olive (Mexican, Latin, Indian, Middle Eastern, African) than probably you can NOT use LASER hair removal because the light energy might cause you side effects. Dark skinned people need home IPL light only.

The IPL system which can treat dark skin is the Me my ELOS hair removal, which is approved for treating skin types 1-5. Black skin or dark brown (6) are not permitted using any home hair removal systems.

Laser systems like TRIA Laser, DM-6000 Laser or DM7000 Laser are not suitable for dark skin. All lighter shades (pale, white, yellowish, Caucasian) of skin tone colors can consider Laser hair removal machines.

Do You Have Time?

People do not know but laser hair removal takes a lot of time. The treatments are time consuming, because lasers (not IPL) have a pin-point tip and the beam is very narrow. So in order to complete a full leg, there is a need to overlap hundreds of times, while each pulse takes 2-3 seconds to emit.

If your schedule is already packed with – crazy working hours, long trips, endless car rides, being a full time parent to children, office duties, home duties.. there is a chance you will not be able to follow the treatment plan, which means the hair removal will not be effective. Laser machines are not for you and you better get an IPL hair removal device.

IPL hair removal devices have a larger lamp window, so with each pulse of light more skin surface is treated. The fastest system is the Me my ELOS hair removal which can pulse every 0.5 second, while other IPL emit once every 3 seconds. So both legs are done in less than 10 minutes compared to 30-40 minutes with other IPL devices.

Do You Plan Facial Hair Removal?

All the home lasers like TRIA laser do not permit facial hair removal. The DM 6000 laser and DM 7000 laser allow facial laser hair removal, but that can be done safely ONLY when treated by another person..

Most IPL systems do not permit usage of the IPL for facial use too. Only Silk’n SensEpil, Viss Beauty and Me my ELOS allow facial hair removal. Only Me my ELOS has a facial hair removal kit accessory.

So if part of your desires is to remove facial hair, it is one of these systems only.

How Do You Manage Pain?

Is laser hair removal painful?Except shaving and hair removal creams.. Hair removal is a painful! Waxing, epilating and laser treatments are very painful. Laser systems usually emit higher energy levels which means their zapping is more painful. Using a laser system on the lowest energy level, means the treatment will be less effective.

IPL systems are less painful than laser systems. So if you have a sensitive skin, and you know you will not stand the pain, aim for an IPL system. It is usually men (ha ha!) who can not stand the laser or IPL zapping pains.

The system which is the least painful (or not painful at all) is the.. Me my ELOS because some of the energy is RF (radio frequency waves) which do not heat the flesh tissue. A 65 old Me user has chosen it mainly because it is painless! (Read her interview about the Me-my-ELOS).

What Is Your Budget?

rp_IPL6000Q-Remington-150x300.jpgGoing to a beauty salon for hair removal is very expensive. If you have the funds? and do not really care about the financial aspect, than treat yourself at the hair removal center. Buying a home device is not cheap but it certainly costs less than ‘outsourcing’ it.

If you compare a full body treatment (both legs, under arms and bikini line) at the clinic, a single ‘full body’ might cost up to $500-$800 and 6-8 sessions will be needed. At home each full body session will cost the price of one replacement cartridge lamp which is about $25-$45.

The cheapest hair removal device – which is quite good! It is the Remington IPL Pro Plus Newest Model IPL6000Q. 

me my ELOS Pro Ultra Plus attachmentsThe most advanced hair removal device (for home use) which is by far superior than the rest is the ELOS technology.

Click here to get the Me my ELOS Home advanced ELOS technology system using IPL + RF with 150,000 flashes.


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