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A Customer Review of The Me my ELOS

The best way to make a decision before buying a product is to read other customer reviews. Since the Me my ELOS was launched last year, there were a lot of requests at hair removal forums to learn more about the Me my ELOS system.

Me my ELOS in a Nut Shell


Me-my-ELOS Customer Review
The Premium ‘Me my Elos’ Hair Removal System

In a nut shell, the Me my ELOS is supposed to be the best home hair removal device available today to the regular home user. The ELOS technology was used for ears only at beauty salons and doctor clinics. The Me my ELOS is the first ever home hair removal device with the ELOS technology integrated.

The Syneron MemyELOS hair remover system can do everything better, faster and less painful than any other system. The IPL hair removal light energy is reinforced with RF radio frequency waves which add 4 extra joules to the hair removal process without the IPL light side effects to the skin.

Syneron Agreed To A Me ELOS Customer Interview

We have contacted Syneron headquarters requesting to hold an interview with a REAL CUSTOMER. To be able to send our Q&A and get the unbiased interview with a real customer.

The Me My ELOS customer support was excellent, we were contacted by Adi Eckhouse the marketing manager of Syneron inc. She has provided us with valuable information about the Me my ELOS  system and also sent us customers who agreed to take our Q & A interview.

Me my ELOS Customer Interview

Meet Helen Adiv who has agreed to answer our blitz Q & A.

If you would like to undergo such an interview, regarding ANY hair removal device, and share your experience, please contact us at provide a short description of your hair removal experience.


Hi Helen, thank you for agreeing to participate in our Q & A interview as a Me my ELOS customer.

Q: Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

A: I am a 65 years old retired mother and grandmother.

Q: Can you share about your personal hair removal “history”, where did you mostly like to remove hairs from?

A: I removed hair from underarms and legs from knee down.

Q: What kinds of hair removal methods and systems have you tried over the years?

A: In the past I removed underarm hair with a shaver (razor blade) and epilady for my legs.

Q: What do you think of professional laser hair removal clinics? Have you ever tried them?

A: I haven’t tried professional laser hair removal, it was too expensive for me.

Q: How did you hear about the Me my Elos?

A: I saw Me my ELOS demonstration at a local drugstore.

Q: What were the 3 important issues you checked before you decided to buy it?

A: What was important to me was that it is safe and it doesn’t hurt.

Q: The ‘Me my Elos’ price is higher compared to other ‘at-home’ systems, why did you decide to choose this system?

A: I chose Me my ELOS hair removal because the demonstrator said he used it and was satisfied and I believed him.  I also read about it on the internet after the demonstration.  The other brands didn’t have a demonstrator.

Q: How was the first ‘Me’ experience? How was the ‘Me’ user instruction guide?

A: The Me my ELOS user guide instructions were very clear and its use is simple.

Q: How did you plan your hair removal schedule?

A: I decided which day is most convenient for me to do this and I did it all on the same day.  It only takes minutes.

Q: How long was each session? Legs? Armpits? other parts?

A: The instructions tell you how many minutes for each part, very straightforward and very quick.

Q: What does a ‘Me’ session feels like? Does it hurt? Where did it hurt more? was the pain bearable?

A: There is no pain involved at all.  Sometimes on underarms it feels a little warm but that’s all I feel.

Q: Have you used the Me-Shaver or Me-Epilator?

A: I never used the Shaver or Epilator of the Me.

Q: Can you recall the Me my ELOS results during the process?

A: Already from about the second month fewer hairs grew out and the ones that did grow came out at a slower pace.

Q: Did you use and customer service from Syneron? How was it?

A: In the beginning I had several questions and each time I called customer service they were very polite and patient.

Q: Any thing you would like to add to the readers?

A: My granddaughters tried it but since the Me my ELOS was in my house it was difficult for them to adhere to the schedule during the first month so they stopped.

Q: Would you recommend others the Me my Elos?

A: Yes

Thank you Helen for participating in our short interview.


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