Are Cheap Laser Hair Removals Effective?

A Cheap Device Worth Your Money

Cheap Laser Hair Removals EffectiveWhen it comes to laser hair removal at home, the price becomes a main issue because most of the systems are not cheap. Most of the people buying a cheap laser hair removal device worry that the system will not be effective or will put them in some kind of dangers of laser side effects.

This might have been true some years ago, before the IPL technology became so popular. The only systems for laser hair removal where the professional expensive machines only beauty salons could afford. But the home hair removal devices have changed so much the last two years, that today there are plenty of home systems which are very cheap to buy and will deliver fine results.

Cheap Laser Hair Removal Kits

All hair removal systems had a steep decline in their price. If a few years ago all the systems have been sold for $800-$1000. Today only professional hair removals for home clinics cost more than $1000. All the IPL systems which are sold today can be found at a price of $400-$500 which makes them affordable to many.

You might be surprised to find out that low cost IPL hair removal systems  have the same energy level and the same specs as the fancy expensive hair removal kits.

Remington IPL6000 USA I Light Pro = $250

Cheap Home Laser hair Removal DeviceThis is currently the cheapest hair removal systems which is not only low cost but it is also a very reputed systems which deliver fine results. The Remington IPL 6000USA has the same features like the expensive well branded Silk’n systems.

The system has a beige color theme so it can be comfortabley used as a hair removal system for men too.

A close comparison Remington IPL6000 vs Silk’n SensEpil  will show that the Remington IPL has sometimes better specs and features than the Silk’n Systems.

It outranks the Silk’n SensEpil by the amount of puses per cartridge  and it has a higher pulse rate, which means it can deliver faster hair removal sessions.

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Buy Cheap IPL hair removal Device

Low Cost But Not Cheap

The best way to look at the Remington IPL 6000USA is as a low cost hair removal device, and not as a ‘cheap’ product. If you are short on cash you should consider to buy a NEW Remington rather than a used Premium system. The low cost Remington has 5 joules per cm², with 5 levels to choose from, and it has a safety skin sensor and skin tone lock to help you prevent unwanted IPL eye damage and IPL side effects.

The Remington is not allowed facial hair removal (most IPL systems do not allow facial use) but except for this the system is just as good as the $400-$500 home hair removal devices.

Cheap Hair Removal Conclusion

Save your cash.. get a very good IPL hair removal system for less than $300. If you have a need for specific hair removal needs like removing facial hair or treating darker skin tones (type 5, dark brown) than you may need to invest more and purchase the Me my ELOS hair removal system, otherwise the Remington will deliver the expected results  at a fraction of the price.

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