Why Men Need Different Laser Hair Removal Systems

Laser Hair Removal For Men

Laser hair removal system for menMany men today are aware that their hairy body is not attractive as much as they want it to be. When men look for laser hair removal systems it seems all the home systems are designed for women only. In this post we will review the difference between laser hair removal systems and find which of the current systems available are suitable for men’s hair removal too.

Most of the “laser” hair removal systems for men would actually be IPL hair removal systems. Most of the people do not know the difference between IPL and laser because their technology is similar and are easy to be mixed with.

Men Have More Terminal Hair Growth

It could be safe to say that men’s hair growth is more coarse than women’s hair growth. On the human body there are two types of hair growth. The thick hairs (hair, underarms, legs or pubic) are called terminal hairs. The fine hairs which are some times called ‘peach fuzz hair’ grow as soft and thin are called vellus hair.

Males have more terminal hairs covering more parts of their body. Women tend to have more vellus hairs covering their body.

For example lets take the facial hair or the hairs over the chest. If a man does not shave, his facial hair (terminal hair) would grow as a beard, it would be thick and rough. Women would have a peach fuzz hair covering their chin and upper lip.

Men’s chest will have terminal curly coiled hair growing over it, while women would have vellus hairs all over the skin (it would be thin and nearly transparent), some terminal hairs may grow on women’s chest  around the areola (dark part of the nipple) but it will never be so thick and curly as men have.

Why Men Need Different Hair Removal Systems

Men need different types of laser hair removal because their hair growth is thicker and coarse and they have much more terminal hair growing over their body. Some laser hair removal systems are too ‘soft’ and may not do the expected effect on men’s hair.

Most laser hair removal systems have 5 energy levels, the highest level is always the most effective level, but also the most painful because larger amounts of energy are zapped at the skin. The higher energy means the hair will receive more energy, and will heat to higher temperatures, this should be sufficient to transfer the heat all the way down the thick hair.

Some Laser Systems Have a Femenin Design

Laser Hair Removal Systems For Men

There are many home hair removal systems, but some of them have been designed for women only. A manufacturer who distributes a red or pink machine targets the systems for feminine audience of users. Most men will not buy a pink/red laser hair removal system.

For example – The Silk’n SensEpil which has won the 2011 award for the ‘Best Hair Removal System’ is bright red. Silk’n has a different system, called BellaLite which has the same specs but different design and different white and grey colors.

Men Hair Removal Systems – More Energy But Less Pain

Men need that their hair removal system will be more powerful than women’s. Most IPL hair removal systems (Silk’n IPL SenSepil, Viss IPL, Remington IPL, Espil IPL) have 3.8 -5 Joules per cm² which may be enough for vellus hair or even women’s terminal hairs, but may not be enough to deal with men’s terminal hair.

There are other hair removal systems which are very powerful with a high level of joules per pulse, like the DM6000 or DM7000 laser hair removal systems. These systems have from 96 joules per cm² to 130 joules per cm². They are so powerful that they are probably meant for professional use, and the user will need anesthetics to easy the zapping pain. Most men will not do a long term hair removal treatments which include endless discomfort involved.

So we know the best hair removal systems for men should be with high energy level and low pain levels. There are two main solutions for men to choose from. Both devices will deliver high standard results due to the higher energy levels and one of them is nearly totally painless compared to the other.

TRIA Laser For Men

New Tria Laser For Men Hair RemovalTRIA laser is the first system men should use for long term hair removal. The TRIA has a high energy laser beam with 20 Joules per cm². It looks like a ‘cordless drill’ so men can feel comfortable enough to buy it and use it.

The TRIA laser has 5 energy levels to choose from and has two safety sensors to protect the user from laser accidents. TRIA laser can be a good solution for men because most men do not need complete full body hair removal (like women do). Most men want to remove hair from chest, abdominal and pubic.

The cons – TRIA laser sessions are rather slow, the user needs to have a clear schedule of 1-3 hours to complete their session. TRIA laser has a warm zap like all lasers, but 24 Joules per cm² is something most men will be able to bare.

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