ALL ABOUT: Espil IPL Laser Hair Removal System BSL-10

Espil IPL Hair Removal System BSL-10 Review

In this review you can learn more about the Espil IPL Laser Hair Removal System BSL-10. The new Espil system can be purchased at, note that Espil system is not “Laser” but IPL hair removal. In the Espil IPL system review, we will bring you information you probably will not find anywhere else, because most websites just copy the Amazon description page, and do not research the specs and compare them to other IPL alternatives available.

The Espil IPL hair removal system does not have a website which is easy to locate, we searched quite a lot until we found the official site. The manufacturer of the Espil is a Korean company (BNB Medical) did not take to consideration customers like to research the device before they decide to buy it.

Hair Removal by BNB Medical

The BNB medical hair removal manufacturer has several types of skin care and hair removal systems, the Espil is not the first hair removal system they designed, in the BNB Medical LTD  portfolio you can find also personal laser hair removal devices like the Epila laser and the Venus laser (both can be found on 

Espil IPL Laser Hair Removal System

Espil IPL Laser Hair Removal System BSL-10 Reviews
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The Espil IPL works exactly like any other IPL (Intense Pulse Light) hair removal system. The Espil IPL use a wide spectrum of light (Wavelength : 475 ~1200nm) to cause a heat reaction inside the hair stem.

The system has a base unit which holds the, control panel and cooling fan. The hand held applicator with the IPL cartridge flash lamp is connected to the base unit with a cord.

A pulse rate of 1 pulse per 4 seconds is quite slow compared to other hair removal systems. The Silk’n SensEpil has a pulse rate of 1 per 5 seconds, but most IPL systems today have a higher pulse rate, which means faster sessions! Silk’n Flash & Go IPL has 1 pulse every 3 seconds, Remington IPL600oUSA i-Light Pro has 1 pulse every 2 seconds, the Me my Elos hair removal has a 2 pulses per second!

Cartridge capacity – The Espil flash capacity is much larger than any competing system! It holds 3000-8000 pulses depending on the energy level used. Which are enough for full body coverage. The Remington IPL6000USA  has a cartridge of 1500 pulses, Me my Elos has 5400 pulses per cartridge.

Customer Support – Getting customer support from Korea is not a good idea, the only the BNB Medical site is where you can get all the official information in English, including the User Guide.

Espil IPL System Safety

The system has not yet received the FDA approval (clearance), the Venus laser and Epila Laser have no FDA clearance too. By reviewing the system specs and products instruction guide, the Espil has some safety measures which are found in other leading IPL systems.

The Espil is safe for use for skin types 1-4 by the Fitzpatrick Skin Tone Scale. This means black skin or dark brown skin colors can not use the system. Pale and tanned tones can use it safely, each may need to adjust the energy level to suit best results (dark skin may need less energy otherwise the zaps may be painful).

Espil IPL Skin Sensor
You Can See The Skin tone Sensor Under The IPL Lamp Window

Skin Tone Sensor – If you look at the IPL applicator (see pic) you can see the skin tone sensor, which prevents a pulse of intense light over dark skin. Treating dark skin may result in skin burns, because the skin tissue melanin will absorb the light and will turn to heat.

Teenagers IPL hair removal can be done over the age of 15, with parental supervision.

Eye protection – The Espil IPL hair removal system is distributed with a pair of protection eye-wear glasses. The eye protection are  not safety goggles!

No Facial Use – Is not permitted by the BNB Medical for the Espil IPL Laser Hair Removal System BSL-10. They recommend the system to be used from the neck down. (For facial hair removal at home with IPL check the Me my Elos System Facial Kit.

Espil IPL – What Results Can Be Expected?

Like any other IPL (or laser) system, the Espil IPL hair removal expected results are not permanent hair removal, but permanent reduction  of body hairs. The Espil schedule plan is for 3 month, where 6-8 treatments are conducted every 15 days. The IPL (and laser) need to be redone every few weeks so the IPL gets all the hairs at their Anagen stage (growth stage) during the hair growth cycle.

After the first session – you may not notice any change! Do not be disappointed, this is natural for any IPL system. you may even see some skin redness which will pass within 24 hours.

After 2-3 sessions ( 1 month) – You may notice a decrease in hair growth, and thiner hairs instead of coarse hair. Some hairs may grow in lighter tone colors.

After 2 month ( 4-6 sessions) – Men should be able to notice more dramatic reduction of body hair growth. IPL system reach from 50%-80% hair reduction. This means hairs will still be seen, but thin and not dense.

After 6-8 sessions ( 3 month) – A noticeable reduction of hairs should be seen.

The results vary from person to person because of different: skin tones, hair colors, hair thickness, epidermis thickness, sensitivity to discomfort, personal hair growth rate, precise overlapping, precise schedule.

The reduction may need retouching once or twice a year, to maintain results for long terms.

Espil IPL Hair Removal Device Conclusion 

The Espil IPL system does not have any main advantage over any other hair removal systems for home use. The Espil IPL Laser Hair Removal System BSL-10 can be a fine hair removal system for long lasting hair reduction. The basic safety measures are standard so regular IPL results are expected.

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