Laser Hair Removal For Teenagers

All About Teens Laser Hair Removal

In this article you will learn all about laser hair removal for teens which can be done at home. When children reach adolescence they become more aware of their body and looks. Having a hairy body (arms or face) can be a social problem for any teenager.

Why Laser Hair Removal Should Be Considered For Teens

Laser Hair Removal For Teenagers The aesthetic drawback for the teen girls can have a long term effect on the rest of their life and the acceptance of their own body. The hair growth does not have to excessive in order for the teenager feel bad about her body. As we all know the peer-group can be very critical for the psychological well being of the teenager. The teen years are the foundation the future dating and mating behaviors of adulthood. It is worth the time, effort and financial investment to let the teenager love her body and feel comfortable with how she looks.

Don’t Waste Money On Laser Clinics

The technology is available – A few years ago, the only place a proper and professional laser hair removal could be done, would have been at the local aesthetic laser clinic. But those days are over, and there is no reason to pay $3000 for body hair removal when the same technology can be used at home in a fraction of the cost.

Time consuming sessions– Having laser hair removal at a ‘Med-Spa’, means driving there every other week, which means the parents need to either drive the teen or give them the car for reaching the scheduled appointments. Wait there for an hour, the treatment plan at the hair removal centers is not only expensive it is time consuming too.

More privacy and control – Doing laser hair removal for teens at home, means more privacy. This is important to let the teenager have control over the publicity (or privacy) of these treatments. With a home hair removal system, the teenager can treat herself, when it is convenient for her. If it is ‘her secret’ doing sessions at home means no one would see her entering a hair removal clinic.

Hair will continue to grow during puberty – The last thing is that during the puberty more and more hair follicles are created and more hair roots will eventually develop. There is no use paying so much money on a teenager laser hair removal treatment when new hairs are expected to grow over the next few years.

Where Teenagers Remove Hair From

Most teenagers are concerned by hair growing over visible body areas. The most troubling places for teen girls are arms and facial hair growth. All the other hairy places can be hidden under the cloth (legs and pubic). Having dark hair grow over sideburns, eyebrows, cheeks and upper-lips can be devastating for a teenager girl.

Teenage boys may be embarrassed by body hair growth, especially if it is excessive. The places teenage boys are concerned about are hairy legs, hairy shoulders, neck, chest and back, which are more visible while wearing sports apparel.

Laser  IPL Hair Removal For Teenagers

The system is capable for super fast sessions (full body in 30 minutes), less painful, safer for wide skin tones,  5400 flashes per cartridge, zero hassle (no pre-shaving needed) and facial hair removal is permitted too. This system called Me-my-Elos and costs $799. But we will show you how to get more from this system, and how mother and teen daughter can share it!

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects For Teenagers

The perfect teen candidate for laser or IPL hair removal at home would be a user with dark hair color (dark blond, brown, black) and pale skin tone. The IPL (and laser) need the contrast between the darker hair and the light skin tone for best results and effective treatments.

Generally speaking, IPL has less side effects than laser because the flash light energy is less powerful than the laser beam. IPL systems use a 5 joules/cm2 energy when lasers use 24-130 joules/cm2.

The common side effects for IPL hair removal are redding, slight swelling and sensitivity might be felt for a few hours. It is wiser then to plan the home treatments for weekends or school vacations so the side effects would not be noticed at school.

Some systems have a limitation “not to be used under 18 years”, because teens should not conduct such treatments without the permission of their parents. There is no specific safety ‘risk’ for the teenager, but and adult should be involved!

D.I.Y at Home IPL Treatment For Teens

Low Cost Solution – Remington IPL6000Q

Remington IPL6000 iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System,The most cost effective system is the Remington IPL6000Q hair removal. It has all that is needed to get fine results, it is easy and safe to use at home.

The Remington IPL6000Q is sold for $349 and is delivered with an IPL cartridge with 30,000.

The Remington IPL6000Q is recommended for those with areas of unwanted hairs like legs, underarms and arms. The main drawback is that it can NOT be used for facial hair removal, and full body sessions can be long. Prior shaving is needed for the treated area.

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Me My Elos IPL For Teens Home Hair Removal

me my Elos hair removal shaver epilatorA ‘Me-Shaver’ attachment can turn the system in to an electric shaver! So no prior shaving is needed, it can be done during the IPL session. Without the advanced wet/dry shaving needed in all the rest of the IPL systems.

How to use the best hair removal IPL and save money? By Sharing the Me-Elos machine.

IPL hair removal For Teenagers
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If a mother and daughter or two teenagers friends decide to share the Me-my-Elos hair removal system, they can purchase the device ($799) add the ‘Facial Kit’ ($100) if more high school friends want to join, the ‘group’ will need to add 1 more IPL lamp per teenager who joins. Now follow the plan carefully:

With the Me system you will get 1 cartridge of 120,000 pulses (Remington cartridge has 1500-30,000 pulses..) which is more than enough for 4 full body sessions!

With the ‘Me – Facial Kit’ you will get one MORE cartridge with 5400 pulses! Now you have 2 ELOS cartridge (with 120,5600 pulses!!) and you do not have to share the same IPL lamp when using the same device (more hygiene). With the safety goggles shared each can do a facial hair reduction too.

Now both teenage friends (or mom and daughter) can enjoy the best IPL hair removal at home, faster, safer and including facial hair treated –  investing only $450 each ($900/2 =$450).

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(Customers in the UKGet your Me my ELOS Homedics newest home device here through your local

The bottom line is that teens can remove hair at home safely, it does not have to cost too much if the premium machine is bought together by more than one person.

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