How To Do SAFE Blond Laser Hair Removal At Home

Blond Hair Permanent Laser Reduction At Home

If you have blond hair you may already know that home laser hair removal systems have a difficult time to be effective removing blond hair. This mean that men and women with blond hair can not use the home laser or IPL systems effectively, and need to attend laser hair removal at the expensive hair centers and Med-Spas.

Another ‘side effect’ is that when blond people invest in laser or IPL hair removal systems, they usually get disappointed and feel they have wasted their money. It can be very frustrating to invest $500-$700 and find out that the hair keep growing. Using a higher level of energy trying to remove blond hair may result in painful zaps during the laser or IPL sessions.

Blond Hair And Lack Of Melanin

Blond Hair Laser Hair RemovalThe body has a natural compound called melanin which is in charge of the body ‘colors’. The color of the eyes, hair, lips and skin are all part of the body melanin producing colors. High melanin means darker colors, less melanin means light tone colors.

The two extreme of pigmentation and melanin production are African people and Albino. People from Sudan (Sud = Black in Arabic) have black skin +hair pigment which means a lot of melanin. Albino people do not have any melanin production, so their skin and hair have no pigmentation at all.

Blond people have less melanin production than other people with dark or brown hair. The yellow pigment color is means low melanin and less melanocytes within the skin. The same issue is for grey hair laser hair removal, the grey hair does not have enough melanin for proper laser or IPL treatment.

Laser Over Blond Hair Is Useless

The laser hair removal (and IPL) works by projecting a high energy beam or flash at the skin. Naturally the light gets absorbed by melanin. In the ideal candidate for laser hair removal the hair is darker than the skin and the melanin in the hair will get all the energy and will heat up. The laser beam warms the hair until it is so hot it burns the stem all the way down to the root and the hair growth is disabled.

All this technology is based on the fact that melanin is needed to attract the light, and transform it to heat. Blond hair has so little melanin, there is not enough melanin to absorb the energy. What may happen for blond laser hair removal is that the surrounding skin tissue will absorb the energy and will get so warm, skin burns are felt.

The Solution = Natural Melanin Enhancer

Blond people do not have to choose whether to suffer painful skin burns or stay with unwanted body hair. Nor do they need to relay only on expensive clinic laser treatments costing thousands of dollars. The solution for blond laser hair removal is to add constant melanin enhancer to the skin.

Adding melanin enhancer to the skin for a couple of weeks before and during the expected laser or IPL treatments, will add higher levels of melanin to the hair. The effect will be that the blond hair will react to the laser/IPL light and heat up like darker hair tones.

The natural melanin enhancer will not dye the hair just allow melanin to be absorbed. The process is slow so the melanin enhancer needs be applied twice daily for a few weeks.

Meladine All Natural Melanin Enhancer


Meladine Melanin Enhancer For Blond Laser Hair Removal
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Meladine is currently the best natural melanin enhancer solution for blond hair. The Meladine is a spray which needs to be used depending on the kind of blond hair wished to be treated.

There are two main kinds of hair on the human body: Vellus Hair and Androgenic Hair. The Vellus is the soft ‘peach fuzz hair’ which covers all the places were Androgenic Hair does not grow on. The Androgenic Hair is the coarse hair on the head, armpits, pubic, mens chest and legs.

When planning a laser hair removal for blond hair, you need to treat the blond hair with the Meladine melanin enhancer differently fro Vellus and Androgenic hair.

For blond Vellus hair removal begin applying 14 days in advance, for blond Androgenic hair removal the treatment needs to begin one month before, so the blond Androgenic hair will be absorbed with melanin when the laser or IPL flashes begins.

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