Which Hair Removal System Is Best To Carry On Vacation

Hair Removal During Your Vacation

As you may already know, the laser hair removal systems (Laser or IPL) need several sessions (6-8) to complete their treatment plan and deliver best results. When treating at home, each person needs to buy the hair removal system which would be best for their skin/hair type and lifestyle and financial possibilities. If you know you are on a constant move (like regional managers who travel across the US or the world), or know you will be on a trip or vacation. The kind of hair removal system you may want to choose may differ.

Consider these factors when before taking a hair removal system to your vacation:

  1. Is it small or bulky?Laser Hair Removal During Vacation
  2. Is it heavy to be carried around? Airlines charge for overweight…
  3. Is the session time consuming or a fast? You will not want to ‘waste’ your trip stuck in hotel rooms.
  4. Are there preparations needed prior to the treatment? Shaving?
  5. Is it battery operated? Or cord operated?
  6. If traveling to other countries (Europe, Asia) does it fit the local electricity current 110?220?
  7. Will you be in a sunny place planning to sun tan?

Laser Hair Removal During Vacation

In order to follow the laser treatment schedule, you may need to take your laser hair removal on your vacation. The TRIA laser hair removal, is a perfect device to be taken on vacation. It is small, compact and light weight. But there are two factors worth to consider.

Safety Issue! Laser hair removal should NOT be done when the skin is exposed to the sun! So if your vacation is to a sunny location (beach, pool, Texas, Palm Springs or Africa..) you should postpone your TRIA laser treatments schedule.

Time Consuming – TRIA laser session is a very slow session, which needs a shaving preparation one day before the treatment. Unlike IPL machines, which can cover both legs in 10-20 minutes, TRIA laser leg session can take up to one hour! Do you really want to be in your hotel room for hours hunting the 5 mm spot size beam?

IPL Treatment During Your Vacation

Me my Elos IPL Hair Removal On VacationIPL machines have some advantage over laser hair removal, mainly in the shorter time length needed to complete a body session. The safety issue is the same, it is recommended that users avoid sun tanning and sun exposure a few days before and after the IPL session. While there are many IPL hair removal systems, there are two we will review here.

Me my ELOS Me My Elos IPL Hair Removal System (see picture on right) – It has all the advantages over ANY other IPL systems, the superior technology (IPL + RF, ELOS patent by Syneron), 6 times faster sessions thanks to the faster pulse flash rate. The wider spot size window allows faster sessions – covering a full body in 30 minutes! The Me my Elos has a shaver attachment so no prior preparations are needed, it shaves the hair during the IPL session. The main disadvantage is that it is bulky to carry on a tour.

Silkn Flash&Go Hair Removal Silk’n Flash n’ Go IPL System – This system main advantage is that it is small just like the TRIA laser, it has no heavy base unit, and is light weight and compact. It looks like a hair dryer not an IPL system. The Silk’n Flash & Go has a slower pulse rate compared to the Me my Elos, yet it can still complete a IPL session faster than the TRIA laser device.

So if your vacation is to travel to one place and stay there the whole time, the Me My Elos hair removal system might be a better choice. If the trip plan is to move from one place to another, fly a lot, or travel with backpacks, the Silk’n Flash & Go System will be a smarter solution.

Take a Small Epilation Machine

Hair Removal Epilator For Trips Or Vacation
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The best way to keep your body smooth during a long vacation may be to have a small epilation machine handy. The epilator pulls the hairs from the roots, so the skin is left smoother.

Epilator hair removal results can last for a couple of weeks, and can be done fast and discreet, right after a warm shower or bath. Having an epilator handy mean small locations like the underarms or bikini-line or pubic can be treated with no hassle and nearly in no time.

If you have never used an epilator, note that it may be more painful than the laser zapping or the IPL flashes. It is not as painful as waxing but with some systems it might get close.

Like in any segment there are different kinds of quality levels, cheap epilators rip the hairs so painfully they will cause other hotel guests to hear your screams. Quality epilators may cost more, but not only they will give you a smoother result, they will do it with less pains and discomfort than regular machines.

Check the Braun 5270 X’elle Body System Epilator (click image and see the Braun Epilator has over 1200 Amazon customer reviews!)

The quality of an epilator depends on the strength of the engine, the angle of the tweezers and other patent (such as a flash light at the tip) which can make the epilating session a breeze.

Another advantage of epilator over IPL or laser systems for the short term results for smooth body during a vacation is that there is no danger with sun tanning or sun exposure with epiltors. So if your vacation is to a nice sunny place you can show off your smooth body, underarms, bikini line (and pubic?) without risking the laser hair removal side effects.

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