Silk’n Flash And Go vs. TRIA Laser

Compare Flash& Go Vs TRIA Laser

Before you purchase a home hair removal device it is clever to do some research and learn more about the systems you are about to use. Here is a comparison for Silk’n Flash and Go vs. Tria Laser. Both are leading hair removal systems, with a strong brand name behind them. Here you can check the main features comparison between the Flash and Go vs TRIA laser.

It is important to emphasis that TRIA is a laser device and Silk’n Flash&Go is an IPL device. We will not try to conclude which is better laser or IPL because each has it’s different pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide which features suits you best.


Hair Removal Results Comparison

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Silk'n Flash And Go vs. TRIA LaserBoth the TRIA and Flash and Go will achieve up to 80% hair reduction. Both systems have thousands of satisfied customers who have managed to reach a smooth hair free body, by home treatments.

Of coarse there are unsatisfied customers for both devices too. There are dozen of factors needed to reach best results, like skin thickness, hair thickness, hormonal activity, skin tone and hair color. Still many of the complaints I have read are either users who are the wrong candidates for IPL or laser, or used the machines not by the suggested schedule and/or user manual instructions.

For people with fair to tanned skin (not brown or black) and dark hairs TRIA and Flash& Go will work just fine.

Flash&Go IPL vs TRIA Laser – Window Tip

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Silk'n Flash And Go Leg TreatmentThe Flash&Go has a 4 cm² IPL window, the TRIA has a 1 cm² laser tip.

This means TRIA will require four times more flashes to cover the same skin surface. The TRIA’s small laser tip is an advantage when it comes to treat small skin areas like the bikini line or armpits. Or treating around tattoos.

Both have the same pulse rate of 3.5 flashes per second.

The Flash&Go has an advantage by covering more skin at each pulse.

Flash&Go IPL vs TRIA – Facial Treatment

Flash&Go can be used for facial hair removal below the cheekbone. Thanks to the slim IPL window facial treating the facial hair is safe and easy. The slim IPL window allows a clean treatment of the upper lip without pulsing at the lips (which can be painful! and dangerous).

TRIA though having a super tiny laser tip, is officially not permitted for facial use.

Many women have reviewed that the facial hair removal of the Flash&Go was effective.

Flash& Go gets extra points for this feature.

TRIA vs Flash&Go Pain Level

The Silk’n Flash and Go is using IPL light which has 5 joules per cm sq. The TRIA laser has a much higher energy emitted. The TRIA can emit up to 24 joules per cm sq.

The pain level expected is parallel to the light energy pulsed at the skin. The Silk’n Flash and Go is nearly painless compared to the TRIA laser zapping. You may need some numbing gels when using the TRIA laser over sensitive skin, while using the Flash&Go at the highest level will feel like a rubber snap.

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Flash and Go vs TRIA Laser – Price Level

At first glance the TRIA laser will seem more expensive. TRIA is sold at $395 and the Flash& Go IPL device cost $295. That’s $100 less than the TRIA for the device itself.

But the Flash & Go will require additional IPL lamps to complete a full body treatment.

The Flash&Go is delivered with two IPL cartridges each with 1000 pulses. They will be enough for 2 full body treatment. (Full body = two legs, bikini line, 2 underarms) This means you will have to buy 4 more IPL replacement lamps to complete the 6 recommended sessions.

Each replacement lamp costs $37 ($37 X 4 = $148)

For the first approved home laser system – Order TRIA Laser = $449

Silk’n Flash&Go Device + 4 cartridges =$443 (If you plan to treat specific areas only than less cartridges would be needed).

When comparing the value for money, the Silk’n Flash& Go has a better return on your cash than the TRIA laser.

Though it will eventually cost a little more (when adding 4 cartridges) yet the fact that each treatment is faster to complete, less painful and includes safe facial hair removal, it makes the Flash&Go gets the thumbs up.

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