Why Silk’n SensEpil IS NOT As GOOD As Me my ELOS

Silk’n SensEpil Losing To Me my ELOS

Silk'n System Vs Me my ELOS For a few years Silk’n SensEpil was the best home hair removal device, using IPL technology. Back then there were only two main competitors on that market: TRIA and Silk’n. Most of the people did not know the difference between IPL and laser, and both systems had many faults.

TRIA had been investing quite a lot in improving their hand held hair remover device. The fourth generation is the best LASER system for personal use. Korean and Chinese companies tried to sell Laser hair removal systems at Amazon, but they all flunked, the customers reviews were bad and their items slowly disappeared.

At the IPL technology, other competitors brought new IPL systems to the market. The Remington, VISS and others began getting their systems approved by FDA and sold on line. Silk’n devices had a head start because they were first and their reputation was well known (at 2010/11 Silk’n won the Readers Award of About.com portal.)

But since then some one at Silk’n went to sleep.

New technologies and hair removal systems and innovations reached the market, and Silk’n was soon left behind. They launched their Flash&Go hand held device, but it was not too different than any other device.

ELOS Technology Stepping Forward

me my ELOS ultra pro hair removal systemIt was quite difficult as a user to make the difference between all the IPL devices, they all had very similar specs. The situation changed once Syneron the owner of the ELOS technology and patent which was used only at professional clinics developed it for the private home sector. The Me my ELOS home kit was the first ever home ELOS device.

ELOS changed the way customers can remove hair at home. The fast treatment, the shaver add-on, the all skin color and hair color FDA approval. ELOS has it all.

ELOS does cost more than Silk’n but with an advantage in all the parameters, Silk’n became outdated.For example ELOS has an IPL lamp which holds 120,000 flashes, while Silk’n lamp has 750 flashes. So customers can use the ELOS for years without worrying about lamps and cartridge changes. Silk’n users need to purchase new cartridges once the energy is low and not effective.


Silk’n is like Nokia.. once a leader in it’s market, then outdated by superior technology. ELOS technology is safer for all skin colors, and can remove all hair types and hair/skin combinations. The Me Pro Ultra can complete a treatment faster than any other device, beating Silk’n by far. With the 120,000 flashes and the advance energy level management, it is more cost effective than Silk’n.

Buy it on Amazon: Me My Elos Syneron PRO ULTRA Removal System

For those who can not afford ELOS device, you can find Silk’n Combo offers at Amazon, which allow you to save when buying a device + 3 cartridges.

Amazon offer: Silk’n SensEpil Hair Removal Unit COMBO PACK

These should be enough to cover 4 full body treatments which usually reduce most of the unwanted hair. Please follow the treatment schedule for best results, trying to speed up the process by treating every week will not work, as the natural hair growth cycle is a factor in your success.

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