Who Is Best Candidate For Me my ELOS Hair Removal

Are You Candidate For Me ELOS Pro Ultra

Latin Skin TypeIf you have been thinking about buying a home hair removal system, you probably have seen many people ask “Am I the right candidate for..” then came the name of the brand – TRIA, Silk’n etc.. This question is important and relevant for all home hair removal customers. It’s a safety issue.

Treating the wrong type of skin or hair with laser or IPL can cause skin burns. It is also a question of value for money, some systems do not operate on dark skin, so buying them is a waste of time/money. The system sensor will lock the device, and it will not work.

The best candidate for home hair removal systems are people with dark hairs and white Caucasian skin. For them the system will work best. The light energy from the laser or IPL needs dark hair to turn to heat. The skin needs to be Caucasian not to heat itself. Since people are not molded into specific combination, most of them will not fit into the ideal candidate combination. This means for most of them the treatment may be too painful or either less effective.

So who is the best candidate for the Me my ELOS?

Blond Hair CandidateThe ELOS technology is different from laser or IPL so the “best candidate” question needs a better answer. ELOS technology works by combining two technologies in one device. The light IPL flash is followed by an radio-frequency wave. The IPL energy is soft, and the RF which follows adds heat to the preheated hair follicle.

The main difference is that the RF is not light energy like LASER or IPL. So it does no harm to dark skin. This allows the Me my ELOS Pro Ultra to be the only home system approved by FDA for treating all skin types and colors even BLACK skin!! So no matter if you are Snow White or Oprah Winfrey ELOS is safe for you.

ELOS was cleared by FDA for all hair colors, due to the RF (radio frequency) it can heat and destroy hairs with less or no pigment, such as blond, grey, red or even white hairs.

rp_2-me-elos-ultra-pro-system-300x277.jpgSo who is the best candidate for Me my ELOS pro Ultra – The best combination has stayed the same, people with light tone skin and dark hair still enjoy the best combination. But ELOS has opened the option for safe and effective home removal for millions of people, who can not have used any other system.

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No matter which hair color you have or what is your precise skin color – Me my ELOS can treat your skin and reduce your hair growth.

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