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Burned Particles During Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Burned Hair DangerA recent study have shown that there is some risk which was unknown and undocumented regarding professional laser hair removal procedures.

The research published at Skin and Allergy show that when professional hair removal clinics preform their treatments, the hair which gets burned by the laser releases lots of toxic chemicals into the hair.

For those who have done professional treatments know that there is unpleasant odor when zapping the hairs with laser. The odor comes from the burned hair keratin which is one of the hairs building blocks. The sulfur smell of burned hair is common to anyone who have done such treatments.

In their study the researchers have found that some of the particles are small and toxic! They can be inhaled down the lungs and can penetrate the regular mouth and nose masks used.

The compounds included:

• Benzene, toluene, and ethylbenzene (commonly found in car exhaust, cigarette smoke, glue, paint, wax and detergents, and linked to leukemia and bone marrow abnormalities.

2-Methylpyridine, which can cause headache and nausea.

• Diethyl phthalate, used in cosmetics and fragrances, has been shown to cause birth defects in pregnant rats.

• Trimethyl disulfide, which is primarily responsible for the foul odor from singed hair.

• Various soap and perfume components of unknown toxicity.

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How These Findings Reflect On The Home User

Luckily these finding have very little effect on the home user. The amount of toxins found are created at treatments rooms in hospitals and professional beauty salons, where dozens of treatments hare done daily.  The high particle count were found in places where the ventilation was poor, and the smell of treatment was noticeable.

For those who plan to do a home laser or IPL treatment the findings do not reflect as a threat.

Elos Home SystemBut it is worth to know about this issue and to make sure the place you plan to treat yourself is ventilated after the session. Laser systems like the TRIA require battery recharging every hour or so, which can be a great opportunity to open a door or window and allow fresh air in.

Those using IPL can work continuously until their treatment is done. For them it is worth to keep a window or door open to keep the room freshly breezed. IPL treatments can take some time if a whole body is treated, 1-2 hours for a thorough session.

For those using the ME my ELOS Ultra Pro system, the treatment is so quick that no real ventilation is required. The home ELOS can complete a full body hair removal session in 30 minutes.

Make sure you have all the rest of the dangers covered before you worry about the burned particles thing.. Your most important issue is the color of your skin and color of your hair. These will have the most significant effect on the safety of your home treatment.

Unless you are going to use the ELOS home hair removal device which was approved by FDA for all skin colors and hair color types.