How Many Hours Does The IPL Lamp Last?

When Does The IPL Lamp Run Out

How long do Silk'n IPL Replacement cartridges last?Before buying a home IPL hair removal device, you need to know what to expect and what you are buying.

All the home IPL systems come with one built in lamp which hold a certain amount of IPL pulses. The amount of the pulses is part of the “hidden costs” which are part of the expenses you need to expect for a long term hair reduction results. The duration is measured by pulses or flashes and not by minutes or hours.

The basic calculation for a full body treatment is that 750 pulses (IPL flashes) are needed. These is the rule of thumb. The figure is not accurate because people are different. Here are some guidelines to help you understand.

  • Full body treatment – Means treating two legs, two arms, two underarms and the bikini line. if you plan to treat the abdominal or back and shoulders as well then 750 pulses may not be enough.
  • Amount of hair to treat – For a hairy person more pulses will be needed. Those with excessive hair growth will have more hairs re-growing and will need more pulses to complete their treatment.
  • Color of hair – People with light tone hair will need more pulses as each pulse is less effective if the hair is not dark. For people with red, white, grey or fair blond no home system is effective except the Me my ELOS Pro Ultra which can treat all hair colors.
  • Skin type – People with white skin will need less pulses than people with darker skin types. The light energy is absorbed by dark matter, and when the skin is dark less energy will reach the hair. People with dark brown or black skin can not be treated by IPL or laser, ONLY the Me my ELOS Pro Ultra is safe  for all skin colors.
  • Lamp window size – If the IPL window size is small more flashes will be needed to cover each skin area. Most IPL have a window size of 6 cm². TRIA laser for example has a small 1 cm² treatment spot size.

So as you can understand, the 750 pulse count is just a rough estimation. Most people will need 4-6 treatments (4000-6000 pulses) to see significant results. Doing additional periodical treatments will be needed over time to maintain the achieved results.

IPL Cartridge Capacity

Each system you are about to buy has a different IPL pulse capacity. If this amount will not cover your needs, buy a second cartridge to make sure you can keep the treatment on schedule. Because we are talking about hair growth cycles which need to be covered at the accurate laps to diminish hair growth.

Remington IPL – Holds 1500 flashes (3 cm² cover size)

IPL lamp hair Removal

Silk’n Flash&Go – Each cartridge lamp has 1000 pulses (4 cm² cover size)

Silkn Flash &Go Hair Removal Device

Silk’n SensEpil – Each IPL lamp has 750 pulses (6 cm² cover size)


Me my ELOS Tanda – Each IPL lamp has 5400 pulses (6 cm² cover size)

Me my ELOS touch hair removal

Me my ELOS Pro Ultra – Each lamp has 120,000 flashes ! with a (6 cm² cover size).

me my ELOS ultra pro hair removal system

Me my ELOS Touch – Holds 15o,000 flashes!!

Laser Hair Removal FDA Approved For Dark Skin

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Buying a home a device for hair reduction is not a simple decision. We hope these facts and figures helped you out understanding the costs and “fees” associated with such a purchase. Some home devices will give one more free cartridge, others have a combo deal which makes them cheaper each.

The ELOS system Touch & Pro Ultra have the best value for money when it comes to cartridge capacity. They are superior by ALL other features as well and considered the best and safest home device for personal hair removal.

See more before you buy the ELOS me Touch system (150,000 flashes) or the Me my ELOS Pro Ultra (120,000 flashes).