How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last??

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Me my elos Pro Ultra Skin CancerSome people expect that a laser hair removal would last “forever”, but the truth is that laser hair removal is not a 100% permanent solution. In fact the home laser hair removal systems changed their promotional claims from “permanent hair removal” to “permanent hair reduction”. If these two sound to you the same, that’s what they wanted.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Laser hair removal is a very effective and long lasting solution so you would not have to shave your body every week or wax it every month. Doing laser hair removal at home, is safe and cost effective, when compared to professional treatments and compared to beauty salons waxing. You treat the body several times (4-6) and most of the hair will either fall off, or grow thinner or with have lighter color.

It is important to know that each skin behaves slightly differently! The skin as a living tissue is never the same for two people. The thickness of skin layers, the amount of pigments in the skin, the hair thickness, hair growth rate, skin moisture, skin oils glands and numerous other factors contribute to the success or disappointment from the home laser/IPL treatments.

So How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Understanding the results differ from person to person, is important. Most people will see that the results at the end of the treatments plan can be maintained for quite a few month. few will see some of the hairs keep growing, no matter how much treated! The majority of the people who do laser or IPL treatments at home, will notice 50%-80% less hair growth,which will last for a few month.

The manufacturers of the home laser/IPL systems know that the hair may appear within a few month, and recommned touch-ups sessions, every half a year, to clear the persistent hairs from disturbing your life.

Though the hair will recover, it rarely recovers to it’s original growth rate. So you can still be smoother and have a glowing skin for longer time span than you would otherwise.

The BEST Systems For Long Lasting Results

Me ELOS NEW Pro Ultra For Tan SkinThe best system by far would be the Me my ELOS – Pro Ultra. It’s the most advanced system, which has better specs than any other device, now approved for dark skin by the FDA. The Pro Ultra is safer, faster and effective, with an “endless” lamp of 120’000 pulses.

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The TRIA laser may be one of the top systems, it is well known and FDA approved too. Its cordless, so it’s easy to use anywhere at home. It’s the only “real” laser device safe for home use. All the others are IPL systems. TRIA Laser has some downsides like not safe for tanned or dark skin, more painful than IPL, more clumsy to use, and treatments take 10X more time. Check comparison between ME MY ELOS vs TRIA.

The only permanent hair removal treatment would be professional electrolysis. There the beauty technician need to disable each and every hair follicle – one by one. It can take many sessions, which each cost a lot of money (thousands $$), but if done right, should disable hair growth forever.

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