4 Drawbacks Of Professional Laser Hair Removal

Main Drawbacks Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal DrawbackIn this short post we will cover for you the main 4 Drawbacks Of Laser Hair Removal. Doing laser hair removal at home is still the best way to reduce body hair growth. It’s more cost effective than attending professional clinics and requires less hassle than doing home shaving or waxing sessions.

1. The Cost – If you have ever checked professional laser hair removal offers, you might already know, they are EXPENSIVE. These beauty salons use expensive systems, IPL and laser technology, which in some cases cost $100’000 per device! The rental + wages + advertising require them to ask for a treatments cost most people cannot handle. The cost is one of the main Drawbacks Of Laser Hair Removal!

2. The Pain – Professional systems work on higher energy levels than home systems. For this reason they need to cool the skin during the whole treatment. Laser light flashes can be quite painful, especially when done over ‘white’ sensitive areas like belly, inner thighs, inner arms and armpits.

3. The Side Effects – Professional clinics which use high energy devices, can cause skin side effects like skin discoloring – pigmentation side effects. The skin may be red for a day or two, but when dark skin is treated, or too much energy is used, the skin may ‘overreact’ by producing more melanin and causing dark patches to appear. In more rare cases, melanin production is disables and white patches will appear (hypo-pigmentation).

4. Results Not Permanent – People expect after the trouble, pain and cost, that the hair would disappear for ever. But laser hair removal is not a permanent solution, there will be permanent reduction, but hair in most cases grows back. It mat differ from person to person, but future treatments will be required to maintain a smooth body.

Laser Hair Removal – Do IT Yourself

Doing laser/IPL hair removal at home can solve most of these drawbacks. The home systems are cheaper to buy, and cost less than professional treatments. The home systems use less energy than professional lasers, so they are less painful.

They cause less side effects because of the same reason (using less light energy joules). Their results are also not permanent, but with extended IPL lamps, they can be used for future touch ups.

The Me my ELOS system!


Me my elos Pro Ultra Skin CancerThe most advanced hair removal system for home use, is the Me my ELOS Pro-Ultra device.

It uses ELOS which is newer technology compared to IPL and laser. The ELOS is less painful than home laser systems, and is easier to use. when using ME ELOS, the treatments are faster to complete.

If you have the bucks to spare, the professional clinics may give you the service and attention you need. If you do not want to spend thousands of dollars, you can get the Me my ELOS for home use for $600.


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Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro amazon

If you can not afford even that, you can find cheaper systems, like the Remington IPL. Do not expect top notch treatment, but for the $300 bucks or less it would deliver some results.

Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro




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