10 Commandments For Effective Laser Hair Removal At Home

Doing Home Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Laser hair removal safe and effectiveHere are ten commandments for safe and effective laser hair removal at home. These ten commandments apply also for IPL hair removal, because the technology is practically the same, and the same safety tips apply for both technologies.

Most of the recommended ‘laser’ hair removal systems for home use are actually IPL systems.

1. You Shall Not Do Laser Treatments During Summer

Doing laser hair removal treatments during summer means your skin will get double dose of light (the laser + sun) which may cause skin discoloration issues to erupt. The natural melanin production may be dysfunction and sun rays will cause hyper-pigmentation to appear.

Make sure you do not tan 2-3 days before each treatment. Do not expose the skin to the sun 2-3 days after the treatment. Keep all the skin covered and away from the sun, not just the treated area.

2. You Shall Not Do Laser Over Dark Skin

Laser Hair Removal Skin Tone ChartLaser or IPL are most effective when treating dark hair over light skin tones. The contrast enables the light to be absorbed at the dark hair and raise their temperature until the hair bulb is destroyed.

When the skin is too dark, the light will be absorbed at the skin tissue and skin burns and scarring may occur. Dark skin can be seen as lips, nipples or highly pigmented areas.

IPL and laser are approved for skin types 1-4. The only system which may treat darker skin tones is the Me my ELOS, which is safe to skin types 1-5 which may be suitable for Indian skin, African Americans, Hispanic skin etc..

3. You Shall Not Do Laser Over Tattoos

Doing laser over dark skin can result in severe skin burns. The main issue is doing laser over tattoos. But dark skin can also be pimples, freckles, warts and blackheads. Doing laser hair removal over these may cause the skin to excessive heat and discomfort.

Cover tattoos with white pencil or cover them with white tape.

4. You Shall Not Do Laser Hair Removal On Face

Me my Elos Hair Removal Facial KitMost laser or IPL hair removal systems are not approved for facial hair removal. This leaves the chin, upper lip, side burns and eyebrows off limits. Some systems allow some facial treatment but do not supply the safety goggles  and white pencil needed.

Only the Me My ELOS system has a facial kit accessory, which allows safe facial hair removal.


5. You Shall Not Use Professional Laser Systems At Home

Tria Laser For Home Use
Tria Laser

Though there are professional laser systems sold at Amazon like the Avance DM6050 Laser or the DM7050 laser or the professional DM9050 laser epilator system. These systems are powerful and effective, but they have been designed to be used by a trained cosmetic professional and lack the basic safety sensors and locks which are needed for a self treatment at home.

It is highly recommended to buy the TRIA laser, which is FDA approved and is the safest of all laser hair removal systems.

If you do not have yet a TRIA system, click her to buy the TRIA Laser HERE.

From the IPL systems the Silk’n SensEpil and the Remington iLight Pro machines are both low cost and safe for effective home use.


6. You Shall Prepare The Skin Before Each Treatment

For effective results and for a safe laser hair removal, some preparation is needed. Shave the hair so the light will be attracted into the hair follicle. Wipe off any makeup, creams and lotions. Do not use roll on deodorants because they can clog the pores and block the laser or IPL light.

The ME my ELOS device has two attachments, a shaver and an epilator. Each of them can be used on the device to save the hassle of advanced shaving.


7. You Shall Be Careful When Using Numbing Gels

It is OK to apply anesthetic creams before using the TRIA laser over sensitive skin. But remember these topical anesthetics can be dangerous when applied over large skin areas. They absorb in the skin and can reach the blood stream. Use them only when needed. If the laser zapping is too painful decrease the energy level by one step.

If you choose to buy an IPL system the pain level more bearable. If you use the Me my ELOS you will probably feel only a slight warm feeling and no pain at all. Read here about laser and IPL pain comparison.


8. Use The Laser Hair Removal In an Exact Schedule

Most people may not know but one of the most important factors for a successful hair removal treatment is to follow the exact schedule plan recommended by the system manufacturer. The laser and IPL are effective only when the hair inside the follicles connected to the stem (bulb). Due to hair growth cycle, most of the hairs you see on your body are currently not connected to the bulb.

The repetition of the treatments is crucial to cover all hair growth cycle, so as many of the hairs get treated effectively.


9. You Shall Keep Laser Away From The Eyes

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Remington IPL6000USA i-Light Pro Doing laser too close to the eyes is EXTREMELY dangerous. Laser light or IPL flash can cause eye damage and even blindness. Do not try to treat the eyebrows! Do not try to treat above or below the eyes. Make sure you use only laser or IPL systems which have safety sensors which lock the machine from accidental flashes.

Here are the machines which have skin touch sensors/system locking device:

TRIA laser, Silk’n SensEpil, Silk’n Flash & Go, Remington IPL, Viss Beauty and Me my ELOS.


10. You Shall Acknowledge Each Skin Is Unique

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Laser Hair Removal Results At HomeIt might be tempting to hope for 100% permanent hair removal. But the truth is that laser and IPL can only promise permanent hair reduction. The only technology which eliminates hair growth permanently is electrolysis. Laser and IPL reduce hair growth for long lasting results.

Some get magnificent results 80%-100% hair reduction, others notice 50%-80% hair reduction. Some may see hair growing thinner and less noticeable. The results depend on so many factors like skin tone, hair color, skin texture, skin moisture, dermis layer thickness, light energy level, treatment schedule and more..

All you need to do is just to try it at home and see for yourself.


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