Laser Hair Removal Over Acne & Blackheads

Acne Blackheads and Laser Hair Removal

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Blackheads and laser hair removalMany young people have acne and blackheads over their facial skin. In some people the acne will cover larger areas of the their body, including the shoulders back and chest. When the acne and the excessive natural body glands produce more oil lubricant, blackheads appear. 

These are nasty tough dark spots which appear over the clogged pores, and are a cosmetic nuisance. Most people will notice the blckheads over the nose, the upper lips and cheeks.

But blackheads may develop at any part of the body, becuase like acne they are a result of oily skin condition. When it comes to laser hair removal over acne and blackheads one must know the risks and side effects.

Laser Light And Blackheads On Skin

When doing a laser hair removal treatment (or IPL hair removal), the light energy is attracted to the dark hair and heats it until the hair bulb is dis functioned. The light energy can not make the difference between a dark hair and a dark skin tissue. It will heat any darkmatte it is emmited on.

For instance when doing laser hair removal over a tattoo, the dark ink immediately absorbs all the light energy and heats into extreme temperatures which can cause skin burns.

Doing a laser hair removal over blackheads can cause the same effect, as the blackheads will absorb more light energy than the surounding skin. This may result in exsessive heat being conentrated at the blackhead dome causing skin burn, redness and pain.

Skin Cleansing Before Home Laser Hair Removal

It is highly recommended to maintain a healthy skin throughout all the year.

Most of the people enjoy the soapy foam, and the delicate perfume, while advanced skin cleansing is needed. The comedones (blackheads) require more than a foam rub to be cleaned.

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Blackheads comedones Laser Hair RemovalUsing professional cleansing systems like the well known Clarisonic Pro device, will ensure the skin gets treated and REALLY cleaned and not only smugged.

The regular face cleaning can not really wipe off the dead skin cells nor can it expoliate the Dermis (the outer skin layer).

Before you begin any laser hair removal treatment, make sure the skin is totally clean. If you read the safety instructions of any laser or IPL hair removal system, you will see there is a requirement to cleanse the skin thoroughly before each treatment.

Advanced cleansing systems like the Clarisonic Pro Sonic Cleansing System can achieve 6x more makeup removal.

Laser Hair Removal Over Comedones

Laser hair removal is possible over skin only when the skin dermis has been cleansed thoroughly. When comedones condition is noticed, the skin should be cleaned with advanced cleansing systems. Laser hair removal should not be done over makeup, oily skin, or skin with lotions and moisture balms applied.