DM6050 Laser Hair Removal System – Review

Review The DM6050 Laser Hair Removal Device

DM6050 Avance Laser Hair Removal System ReviewsHere you will find the NEW Avance DM6050 laser hair removal system review. The DM6050 professional laser system is an upgraded version of the former Biotechnique Avance Skin Care DM6000 laser. Read below our review of the new system, check that the specs meet your needs for removing unwanted hairs at home. 


Avance DM6050 Personal Salon Laser Epilator Wand

The new Avance system is based on the well know former DM6000 laser system, which was used for both home hair reduction and for professional treatments at beauty salons. The primary laser technology specs have not been changed, but some improvements have been added.

DM6050 Laser Energy Review

The DM6050 uses a high power diode laser. The system has a laser beam of 0-96 joules per second for 1 cm² of skin. This is an energy level which places the DM6050 laser at the top of the home hair removal devices, and at the bottom of the professional laser hair removal systems. The system works on the 808nm light wave length like all the rest of the laser hair removal systems.

The 96 jcm2/second is achieved by a high repetition rate, which means the diode laser is able to emit high energy pulses very fast. This makes the system able to treat large skin areas faster than the competing system the TRIA laser, which has a slower repetition rate (1 pules per 2-3 seconds) and has also a lower energy level of 24 joules for cm2/second.

The precise laser tip and the light weight laser wand, makes the Avance DM6050 laser system a perfect salon device for hair removal. The pinpoint laser spot size of 1 mm, is a professional feature for preforming delicate hair removal on a client. It allows working on any area with great precision. The light weight laser wand, is very important for those who need to do hours of treatments,without to get tired or hands shaking from excessive use.

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Avance DM6050 Laser For Professional Salons

DM6050 Professional Laser Epilation System for Permanent Hair ReductionThe DM6050 laser, has the simple ‘square’ design like all the DM Series, Avance main market segment belongs to the are the professional hair removal centers, so a sleek gadget design like the Tria laser, is not their style. Home users or beauty salons can order their DM6050 laser in two colors, black or cream.

The DM6050 laser hair reduction epilator has a very long life span. Unlike IPL systems which requires buying new lamp cartridges, the DM6050 is designed for professional needs, with over 5000 hours of continuous laser (equivalent to 3-5 years of use).

DM6050 Laser Hair Removal And At Home Users

Home users need to know that the DM6050 and the rest of the Biotechnique Avance laser systems lack the safety sensors other home hair removal systems like the TRIA laser or the Venus laser hair removal have. Due to the fact that DM lasers where designed for professional users who treat others, these systems do not have the skin tone sensors or the skin-touch sensors.

These sensors are implemented in at-home laser systems to protect the users from accidentally emitting laser toward the eyes, or treating dark skin. The DM6050 has a key to lock the system from unauthorized usage, which may be important for home users to prevent kids from playing around with the laser system, and causing themselves eye damage.

What’s In The Box

When you order the DM6050 laser hair removal system by Biotechnique Avance you will get with the system 3 more bottles with:

  • 50ml carbon dye gel – To increase the laser effectiveness on light colored hairs.
  • 50ml of 4% lidocaine pre-treatment gel – To ease the laser zapping discomfort on sensitive skin areas.
  • 50ml of anti-androgen post treatment gel – Soothing gel for post treatment relief.

On top of this there will be a pair of protective glasses, so when treating many clients at your clinic, your eyes would be protected from the laser glow which reflects from the clients skin. And a pair of tweezers to pick out hairs which have been treated and will fall off soon anyway.

In our review, for the small cosmetic beauty salon and hair removal clinic the DM6050 laser system, has an upgraded value compared to other systems, especially it has a lower price than the professional systems. Home users who know how to use the system, and are suitable candidates can also enjoy a professional laser system, for their home hair removal needs.

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DM6050 Laser Hair Reduction System Reviews

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