Tria Laser vs Professional Laser

Tria Laser vs Professional Laser Hair Removal

Tria Laser Vs Professional LaserMany people try to compare Tria Laser vs Professional Laser. Here you can read our opinion on this comparison and the pros and cons each of the two options above.

The Tria laser is a home hair removal system, which was the first ever FDA cleared laser for HOME treatments. At the beginning of the laser hair removal period (mid 90’s) people had to go for laser treatments at hair removal clinics and med-spas to remove hair. These treatments where both more dangerous and more expensive than they are today. Tria laser made an earthquake in the hair removal niche when it allowed people to remove hair safety at home, and save thousands of dollars!

Tria Laser vs Professional Laser – Costs

When comparing Tria laser to professional laser, the first thing to know is that buying the Tria laser is by far more cost effective than undergoing a treatment outside your home. Removing hair at a beauty salon means paying thousands of dollars per area treated. Beauty salons may game the price and show it per treatment, or per session, but at the bottom line buying the Tria will save you thousands of dollars!

Tria costs less than $500 when a full body hair removal plan can cost over $2000.

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Tria Laser Vs Professional Laser – Results

Tria Laser Vs Professional Laser Hair RemovalYou must know that hair removal requires several sessions to complete a full treatment plan. Both Tria and professional lasers can not remove hairs in one treatment, all systems will require 6-8 sessions this is due to the growth cycle of the hairs.

FDA does no allow laser centers to call their treatment “permanent hair REMOVAL” this title belongs only to electrolysis! So centers should notify their clients to expect  “permanent hair REDUCTION” when doing laser treatments. No hair removal center can promise you more than that. They justify their ‘permanent’ solution by offering endless touch-up treatments.

Thousands of people have been removing hair with the TRIA laser, for most of them the hair reduction was long lasting. But people have different types of skin thickness, tone, moisture, hair thickness, hair growth, hormones, melanin, hair color, and many other factors. For the ‘best candidate’ skin/hair composition, the TRIA will remove hairs for long lasting results. Some may get different results than others.

Professional laser centers, can adjust their treatment to achieve better results, by using more than one type of laser, or changing the settings to achieve better results.

Laser Hair Removal ‘Best Candidates’

Laser hair removal systems emit light at the skin, this light will turn to heat when it is absorbed by dark matter. When the skin tone is light, and the hair is dark, the hair will get all the light energy and will be destroyed. If the skin is dark, then some of the light will get absorbed by it, and the skin tissue will get burned.

Tria laser has a fixed wavelength of 808nm (nano-meter), professional laser have a much wider variety spread of wavelengths. Tria can treat skin types 1-4, which means only Caucasian people can use it, as long as they have dark hair. Tria can be unsafe for Indian skin for example. The only HOME system which can be safe for darker skin types is the Me my ELOS hair removal system).

Professional lasers can treat darker skin types with longer light waves. So while dark skin people can not use the Tria laser, they can still get solutions at professional laser centers.  Some laser machines which can be found only at professional clinics can treat even black skin clients.

Tria Laser Vs Professional Laser – Pains

Tria Laser Compared to Professioanl LaserProfessional laser hair removal use high energy levels, much higher than the Tria, so quite a lot of heat is created at the skin. Professional lasers use cooling devices which blow cool air on skin while treating it, or applying cooling gels to prevent skin burns and scarring.

Tria laser does not have any cooling devices, so the user has to cool the skin or manage the discomfort by OTC (over the counter) gels and anesthetics. Many people use topical anesthetics before Tria laser or use ice packs to ease the discomfort of the Tria laser zapping. Buy HERE Tria Laser Hair Removal System.


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