Best Mother’s Day Gift – 1200 Hours For Herself

Mother’s Day Gift – Give Her Time For Herself

Mother's Day Gift Hair RemovalThe best gift for mother’s day may be to give mom a few hundred free hours for herself. If there is one mother’s day gift moms would appreciate more than anything else, is some more free time available for themselves.

The most busy sector in the economy markets today are the working “moms” sector. Mothers are the most busy sector because they wake up before everyone else, they prepare the kids for school, then they go to work too, later on they have a second ‘home job’ which doesn’t really end..

Here are some facts about 2015 mother’s day gifts: Americans spend 3 Billion on Jewelry, 3 Billion on Restraints, 2 Billion flowers, 1.5 Billion on clothes.. But mom only wishes for some more free time for her self..

Women’s Weekly Shaving Takes Time

A study found that only 11% of the time at home, mom has for herself. 89% of her free time goes to taking care of other family members (preparing meals, checking homework, caring for babies, listening).

Another study revealed that a women shaves 7500 times throughout her life, this covers legs, bikini line, underarms. Most of the women do it every week, some even a few times a week, depends on the area and the personal hair growth rate. This shaving takes 1200 hours! The busy mom, with all the other tasks she has to deal with, has to find time to stay feminine, hygiene and attractive.

Doesn’t moms deserve more free time?

The Only Gift Mom Will Enjoy Years To Come

Some moms may think that ‘laser hair removal’ are expensive machines costing over $1000. Some moms may have thought laser hair removal systems scar the skin and make it look like BBQ grill. But they are all wrong.

Forget About Laser – IPL Is The New King

Today the most popular ‘laser’ hair removal systems are not using laser, they are IPL systems. IPL systems are ‘Intense Pulsed Light’ which is NOT laser, but a flash of white light, that gives the same wonderful results.

IPL hair removal machines do not hurt like laser, the feeling on the skin is like a warm sensation, or a slight band snap. The IPL systems are totally safe, and they preform the home hair removal with a fraction of the energy which is used by laser. For example some laser machines emit 130 joules per cm² of skin, IPL use only 4-5 joules of light energy.

What Mom Can Expect After IPL Hair Removal

By following a 6 cycles of treatments (two weeks apart) mom will notice a dramatic reduction of hair growth. Hair will either stop growing, or will grow very thin and fair. Places with coarse hair may need more treatments or follow ups, but for the first time, mom would not have to worry if she did not have time to shave.

Which IPL System To Buy For Mother’s Day

It doesn’t really matter. Most of the IPL systems will deliver the same results. Yes, they use the same technology, with exactly the same specs! They preform the same heating reaction upon the hair. All IPL systems are a like.

(There is one system which is by far better than the rest, which is called ‘Me my ELOS’, this system uses ELOS technology which is a technological breakthrough upgrade of IPL).

If you see different reviews on an IPL machine it is because the hair thickness, hair color, type of skin thickness, skin tone and hormones are different for each person. So some will see better results than others. But the bottom line is that (Except for the Me  my ELOS) ALL IPL SYSTEM ARE THE SAME.

The Most Beautiful IPL Gift For Mother’s Day

Mom's day gift IPL hair removal The Silk’n SensEpil is the most beautiful IPL device on the market today. The Silk’n SensEpil has won the 2010 readers award by as ‘The Best Hair Removal For 2010’. The red/pink colors, the nice curves make it a nice IPL gift for mom.

The price of the Silk’n SensEpil is slightly higher than the other IPLs, which reflects its higher branding position.

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Buying Mother’s Day Gift IPL By Cost

IPL6000Q Remington Pro Plus QuartzThe most cost effective IPL system you can buy for mother’s day is the Remington IPL 6000USQ. As mentioned above all IPL systems function the same way, by the same technology. The Remington IPL does it a a lower cost than the rest. T

he Remington IPL has a delicate design, with cream colors, and very low price for replacement IPL cartridges.

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The Ultimate Home Hair Removal System

IPL Hair Removal For Mother's Day
The Premium ‘Me my Elos’ Hair Removal System

If you have the ability to buy the Me my ELOS system, than you should not even look at any other hair removal system. The ‘Me’ system is the best hair removal for home use. The technological leap of the ‘Me’ is like an iPhone compared to a cellphone. Would you buy a cellphone or an iPhone?

The ME my ELOS works by using IPL + RF (radio waves), the system creates more heat but it is less painful than other systems. A treatment with Me my ELOS takes a fraction of a time compared to any other IPL system. For example the Silk’n SensEpil or Remington will need 40 minutes to treat a leg, the Me my ELOS can complete the leg in 10 minutes!

  • Most IPL systems require special preparation before the treatment (shaving the skin) the Me my ELOS has a special Me-Shaver attachment.
  • All IPL are safe for light tone skin, the Me my ELOS is safe for darker skin tones.
  • Most IPL do not allow facial hair removal, the ME has a facial hair removal kit, for safe facial hair removal.

Me my ELOS Combo DealClick here to get mom the top notch ‘Me my ELOS’ IPL + RF home hair removal system. If you can afford, it or invest some more and reach for the best system, it is worth to do it.

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