Home RF Hair Removal System Review

Home Radio Frequency Hair Removal

Many people do not know that RF (radio frequency) hair removal is the newest breakthrough at the home hair removal technology. Doing RF hair removal at home was never easier with new systems and machines which support this kind of technology.

What Is RF Hair Removal

RF means Radio Frequency. This means that a radio frequency wave, is sent through two poles into the skin. The RF waves are sent and received by the two poles constantly. You can imagine an antenna and a radio, one is ending signals and the other is receiving signals.

RF waves are electromagnet waves, and when the RF is focused at a specific area, heat is created. We all know the feeling when speaking on a cellphone that the ear gets warm.

RF Hair Removal Process Explained

www.memyelos.com IPL + RF CartridgeWhen doing RF hair removal, there is usually another source which creates heat, in most cases it will be a IPL light flash. Because of the melanin, the IPL light reacts with the dark melanin in the hair, and the hair gets warm.

The radio frequency waves, are attracted to the heat which was created by the IPL and warm the hair some more.

Together with the IPL the RF manages to heat the hair to a higher level of temperature, and to dismantle it’s ability to regrow (depending on it’s life cycle stage).

Syneron’s  RF Hair Removal

RF hair removal is done usually by advance machines and physician offices, dermatologist and beauty salons. ELOS hair removal systems are very expensive and can cost way over $50,000 a piece.

The leading manufacturer today of ELOS systems, and the patent holder for the ELOS technology is Syneron. The headquarters and the R & D is in Israel, with thousands of machines sold worldwide for aesthetic professionals. Syneron has found that more people prefer to do home treatments than to go to hair removal centers, so by mid 2011 they released a compact ELOS system for home use – The Me my ELOS.

Me my ELOS – IPL + RF Hair Removal

IPL + RF Hair Removal at Home
The Premium ‘Me my Elos’ Hair Removal System

The Me my ELOS is currently the only RF hair removal for home use. The main advantages of the Me over ‘regular’ IPL devices is that it can treat the hair at higher temperatures without the side effects IPL has on the skin.

Flashing intense light (IPL) at the skin causes some discomfort. When the skin is dark or tanned, the light energy may be attracted by the high pigment in the skin and cause burns. The RF does not heat the skin it heats only the hair, so there are no side effects for people with dark skin.

While all IPL systems have 3-4 joules per cm², the Me my ELOS device can reach 9 joules per cm², with no added skin side effects. So the heat which disables the hair is more intense but there are less side effects to the skin.

Ultra Pro ELOS Hair RemovalThe Me preforms the hair removal much faster than IPL systems. Most IPL systems like the Silk’n, Viss, Rio, Remington all require the ‘Press-Lift-Press’ motion with 2-3 seconds between each pulse. The Me my ELOS can glide over the skin in one smooth motion, and the system, pulses and emits the RF as it goes.

The Me my ELOS is probably the best hair removal for home use. The advance RF technology with the added IPL benefits managed to create the most advanced home hair removal system. You can buy the Me my ELOS – HERE (Amazon.com)


Great Britain Customers May Find it Easier To Order The Homedics Me my ELOS Here (Amazon.co.uk)


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