Can You Get Skin Cancer From Laser Hair Removal

 Skin Cancer And Laser Hair Removal

can laser hair removal cause cancerMany people worry Can You Get Skin Cancer From Laser Hair Removal? Well the direct simple answer is NO, you can not get cancer from laser hair removal, no matter which laser you use, or where you do it, at home or at a beauty salon. Because laser light does not cause cancer. period.

But doing laser hair removal and not following the instructions may cause you to get into a risk of skin cancer. The risk rises not due to the laser treatments but because of the SUN. The main cause for skin cancer is the SUN! And it will be the sun you need to watch out from, after doing laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal and Skin Cancer

When treating the skin with laser or at home with IPL, your skin gets enormous quantities of light. The light is used to heat the hair and disable it from further growth. The laser or IPL light is ‘safe’ meaning the light these systems use, does not cause skin cancer.

The body way to protect itself from the harmful sun rays, is by producing melanin, this pigment at the skin will cause the skin to tan when sun bathing. During laser hair removal the skin is exposed to a lot of light energy (measured in joules) for example professional lasers used at beauty salons can reach 200 joules per cm² of skin.

Stay Clear Of  The Sun When Doing Laser Hair Removal

The best advice for you to lower your risk to develop skin cancer tumors is to STAY AWAY FROM THE SUN as much as you can. This advice is twice as important when preparing for laser hair removal. Because the skin gets so much light energy from the hair removal machines, it is left defenseless when exposed to the sun.

The sun UV rays (UVA and UVB) are the one which begin the cancerous effects which become skin cancer.

Reduce Your Laser Hair Removal Skin Cancer Risks

  1. Do not sun tan before treatments, white pale skin is better.
  2. Do not go to tanning booth before laser hair removal.
  3. Do not expose the skin to the sun 3 days after a laser hair removal treatment.
  4. Use sun block creams which block UVA rays too.
  5. Cover, head, arms and legs when going out after laser hair removal.
  6. Do laser hair removal at the winter and not at the summer.

Buy a Proper Sun Block Cream

IPL at Home and Not Laser Hair Removal

Doing IPL may be safer than laser because the amounts of light energy the skin gets exposed to are less than at laser treatments.

Home laser systems like the Avance DM9050 laser system, have 150 joules per cm². The TRIA laser for example which is FDA cleared for home treatments, as 24 joules per cm². Home IPL systems use 4-5 joules per cm² and achieve the same results. There are plenty of IPL systems for home use. They are all using the same technology and achieve the same results.

One system stands out of the rest and that is the Me my ELOS system. It uses ELOS technology to preform the hair removal. The ELOS use light (IPL) with RF (radio frequency) for hair removal. This patent is used at professional centers only, and now thanks to the Me my ELOS there is a compact system for safe home use.

Before You DO Anything Else Buy a Proper Sun Block Cream


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