Venus Laser Hair Remover CW-808 Review

Venus Laser Hair Remover CW-808 Review

Venus laser cw 808 hair removal ReviewsThis post was updated June 2013.

Stay away from this product. Though the features are OK, the device does not deliver results. We saw too many customer complaints on the Venus Laser, we decided warn others from buying this device.

The Venus main advantage was is CHEAP PRICE. But cheap price with no results is not what we expect. Our recommendation is to add a few more bucks and get the Remington IPL system, which is much more successful and the price difference is very small.

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$25 andA new hair removal laser has been released by Venus – The Venus Laser Hair Remover CW-808. The new device is a home laser kit for hair removal. Here you can read our review on the Venus laser hair removal system. We look into the specs, we look at the fine-print and below you can read and learn about this system pros and cons.

The Venus Laser Hair Removal Device is manufactured by BNB Medical Ltd a Korean company.

This new laser system is small and compact, with better design than the former device. The number CW-808 which is attached to the Venus Laser Hair Remover is an indication to the wave length this system use for the hair removal process.

All of the home hair removal lasers use the same wavelength, so if you by the TRIA Beauty laser system, or the DM9050 Avance laser, you will be using the same kind of  laser beam like the Venus Laser Hair Remover CW-808.

Venus Laser Removal Review Advantages

Venus Laser cw 808 hair removaer ReviewSmall Size – The Venus Laser hair removal is probably the smallest hair removal device you can find. This is an advantage for traveling, or doing treatments away from home. A light weight device is also more comfortable to work with and less tiring.

Safety Key Lock – Like the advanced RIO laser hair removal system, and the DM9050 and DM7000 laser system, the Venus laser has a physical key to lock and unlock the system. This protects unwanted hands (children) from using the system at home.

No Base Unit For Venus Laser  – The Venus laser is not cordless (though they make it seem like it in the video clip). But unlike other hair removal systems it has no bulky base unit so it is easy to do home treatments where ever you like. You do not have to carry around the bulky base unit like most IPL have.

3 Laser Energy Levels – The BNB Medical Venus Laser CW-808 system has 3 levels of laser energy, so the user can switch to high level for more effective treatment, and for lower when the skin is sensitive. The low level is 7 joules and the high level is 20 joules. This places the Venus CW-808 laser slightly higher than most IPL systems which have 4 joules but lower than the Tria laser which emits 24 joules.

Safety Touch Bar – The Venus laser device has a touch bar, when the touch bar is placed on the skin, it sets the exact distance for the laser to be effective. So when treating the body you do not have to hover in midair like when treating with the DM6050 laser system.

Small Laser Spot – A small laser spot has some disadvantages (see below) but it has advantages too when coming to treat the delicate facial hair. According to the sales page the system can be used on upper lip, chin and eyebrows. In our opinion allowing self laser treatments near the eyes is a huge NO NO! The Venus laser has a spot size of 2 mm.

Venus Laser CW-808 Review – The Cons

The Venus laser hair removal system has some cons, which are general cons of all laser systems. Some of these cons may apply to the TRIA laser and DM6050 lasers too.

Device Cooling – The Venus laser is a diode laser, so electric energy is needed to create the beam. The system requires every 30 minutes a 5 minute break to let the machine cool down. 

Small Laser Spot Size  – The Venus has a laser pinpoint tip of 2 mm, this means the spot size is very small and numerous repetitions are needed to cover skin area. Over lapping is needed to hunt down every hair on the skin. The manufacturer recommends to treat each hair at a time, so treatments can be very time consuming.

Expected Results – The Venus laser requires up to 8 month of treatments to be able to remove hair or reduce it permanently. So you need to be very patient, and committed to your hair removal plan.

Check The Venus Laser CW-808 Video


 Venus Laser Hair Removal Review – Conclusion

Venus Laser Hair Removal ReviewThere is no doubt that some users may enjoy the advantages of the Venus laser system. In our opinion this laser system is for those who do not have small skin areas to treat. The Venus laser can be a solution for those who want permanent reduction of under arms hair, arms or bikini line hair removal.

Customers can buy this hair removal solution to complete their facial hair removal, on the upper lip, chin and sideburns. We will never recommend using laser near the eyes! So for your safety do NOT try to treat the eyebrows.

Another main advantage is the price! With a price tag of $200, the Venus laser hair removal system is currently the most affordable home hair removal device to buy.


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