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Amazon’s Best Selling IPL Hair Removal System

Amazon Best Selling Laser Hair RemovalAs you know there are endless choices of items to buy at, and still some of the items are best sellers while others are not. In the amazon’s laser hair removal category there is currently (June 2015) one device which sales are sky rocketing way over other items.

How can you tell how well a laser hair removal device is doing on amazon? What are the current hottest amazon’s trends? There are some indicators at amazon worth to know, before you choose which system to buy, and whether it is an HOT item. One place to look at is the ranking within the category.

Check amazon for:

Health & Personal Care; Hair Removal; Electrolysis..

You will see the now best selling item in the category. The TRIA laser is ranked #1 in ‘Electrolysis Hair Removal Products’. it is the best selling hair removal device at amazon!



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Amount Of Amazon’s Customer Reviews

Another place to find which product is popular and bought by many, is to look at the customer ranking and reviews. If a hair removal system is bought by 100 people, how many of them would come back and right a review on the product. If there are little or no reviews than this item is not sold in masses like those with hundreds of reviews.

The TRIA laser has 186 reviews by shoppers, who have bought the item and returned to write a review on the TRIA for others to learn. As you see the average ranking is 3 stars. But you need to look into the reviews to see how they are statistically spread.

Most of the TRIA beauty complaints are either old complains on their older model (2.0) which was very expensive ($700) and less effective, or because people did not know the TRIA has a limited amount of recharges (for a full body treatment) and will not keep working forever.

TRIA Is The Best Selling Hair Removal On Amazon

Tria Laser AmazonOK so TRIA is the best selling laser hair removal at, it has an advantage over all the other laser systems because it was the first ever FDA approved laser system for home use. It has a very strong brand name, and it is probably without any real competition in the laser category (the DM6050 laser is for advanced users, the Venus laser is too cheap to be taken seriously).

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But TRIA Is Not Alone – Meet The New Amazon’s Best Selling System

Tria laser has been sold on amazon since 2009. So having 186 reviews for an item which is sold for 3 years now, is very nice, but it is not a WOW.

But there is another item which is RED HOT and is sold by the thousands!

The Remington IPL 6000 i light pro system. It is a new hair removal system, which has been sold on amazon since December 2011.  So as of mid 2012, it has been sold for 6 month only.. and it has already 135 reviews!! More high 4-5 ratings than low 1-2-3 ratings.

Another amazing fact is that Remington IPL6000 is the second best selling item on amazon hair removal category! The second and third places in amazon’s best selling laser hair removal list (electrolysis) are the Remington IPL 6000USA and the Remington replacement cartridge!

Remington IPL Is The Hottest Hair Removal System At Amazon

Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro amazonHolding the second place, and receiving 135 reviews only 6 month after being released, makes the Remington IPL6000 I Light Pro the title as the hottest ‘laser’ hair removal at amazon.

It might be the low price ($250) it might be good reviews written by first customers, but there is no doubt that the Remington is bypassing all the other ‘laser’ hair removal systems at amazon.

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