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Kids Safety With IPL and Home Laser Hair Removal

Children's Safety With Home Laser Hair RemovalThis post is not about hair removal, it is about keeping kids safe when there is a hair removal system at home. We will review the safety measures hair removal has, so you can be aware of the dangers and risks young house members are facing. If you are about to buy a home hair removal device, please read this carefully, and think of your children or other untrained people who might curiously touch the laser hair removal kit.

Safety Key Lock For Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal system are very attractive to young children. If they see one of the adults do a laser hair removal treatment (or IPL), they will be fascinated to the beeps and lights, and the beam or flash the system emits.

Though the laser treatment can be very interesting for kids, you can either, do it when they are not around or at your own privacy. If they do not know about it they will not touch it.

If the kids are older than toddlers, you can think of explaining them the risks of the system. Just like they should not touch the hot iron, or stick their fingers into the electric sockets, they should be aware that the laser is dangerous. The zapping is painful and there is a risk for the sight/blindness.

For older children, you can let them feel a laser zap on the skin – once. It is painful enough to get them not to touch the system, even when they are alone at home.

Put The Laser System Out Of Reach

If you have kids you know, they will somehow find a way to get to the system, and try it themselves, they see it as a toy! It is your responsibility to make it hard for them to find the device. Place it somewhere beyond their reach, or out of sight, if you can lock it inside any child’s proof cabinet.

Safety Precautions Built In The Laser / IPL Systems

Most laser or IPL have safety precautions built in the systems to avoid accidental usage and injuries.

The Avance DM6050 home laser ($450) and DM9050 professional laser ($550)- both have a key lock for the system. Make sure once you have finished treating with the system, to remove the key! If the key stays in the lock someone can activate the system and get injured. Note that the Avance DM6050 laser and DM9050 professional laser do not have any other safety measures except the key! Remove the key when ever the system is not in use.. so you do not get sued for neglecting your responsibility..

Venus Laser hair removal  ($210) has a simple key for the system. You need to make sure you keep the key away from the system to avoid accidents.

TRIA laser hair removal ($395) has two safety sensors which will lock the system if not properly used. The skin touch sensor will lock the system unless the tip of the TRIA is placed on the skin, so accidental emission to the eyes is not possible. The skin tone sensor will prevent emitting laser on dark skin. Note that both of these sensors will not prevent your kids from emitting laser on their skin! So keep the TRIA away when not in use.

Safe Permanent Hair Removal at HomeMe my ELOS ($695) The system has sensors which allow the system to operate only when touched. The system is designed that only a grownup palm can touch all sensors at once. Small kids will not be able to cover with their palms all the must-touch places. Not that Me my ELOS is not a laser system, it is an IPL, so the laser dangers are not as extreme.

Before You Buy A Laser System Check If It Safe When Not In Use

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