Permanently Landscaping Your Pubic With Laser

Removing Pubic Hair For Good

TRIA for pubic laser hair removalSome say removing pubic hair makes the love making more pleasurable. Others say removing pubic hairs makes the men’s penis seem larger. There is a good news related to permanently removing pubic hairs, it gets easier and cheaper to do than ever.

Shaving pubic hairs is the most common way men and women remove hairs for a bare smooth look. But shaving is very temporary. Shaving can be considered smooth for a day or two, then hairs begin to grow back and a itch can be felt down there..

No man or woman will be willing to wax the hairs between the legs  on a regular basis, it is too painful to suffer. Both waxing and shaving are not permanent solutions for pubic hair removal.

Removing Pubic Hair By Laser

Doing laser hair removal can be done at home or at a beauty salon. Attending beauty salon for a professional laser hair removal treatments may be a good idea if:

  • You have quite a lot of money to spend.. (expect $200 per session X 6-8 sessions needed, for 80% reduction results).
  • You have no problem to lay bare on a table while someone else is zapping your privates.

Today more and more people have found out that reducing the pubic hair permanently can be done at home. With no need to expose your privates to others, nor to sell your car to get a simple procedure done.

Home Laser Solutions For a Smooth Pubic

Not so long ago, buying a home laser system was very expensive, in fact it meant spending nearly as much money as attending a professional clinic or heir removal center. Here is a post from the website Real Jock reviewing pubic laser hair removal at beauty salons and with TRIA home system:

The good news: Treatments takes about two to three minutes, and are generally painless—at least less discomfort than electrolysis or waxing. And it is FDA approved. But the big downside of laser treatments is price. Doctors charge $250 to $750 per pubic area treatment. Three to 12 sessions may be needed for permanent hair reduction, plus follow-up treatments once or twice a year. It could easily cost you up to $2,000 or way more for basic pubic removal.

Note: A new personal hair laser removal product called Tria has recently launched that promises the benefits of expensive laser hair removal in a less costly $995 do-it-at-home product. That said, the product is new, so you may want to wait until more reviews have come out before you consider this option.” Read more..

Did you notice the price they write about for the TRIA laser system. When the TRIA was launched it did cost $995, but the last two years a real revolution happened. Hair removal technology became reachable and competition began.

More machines reached the markets, better technology evolved, more thousands (millions?) of new customers have been buying the laser devices and the price was dramatically axed!

If you want to buy the TRIA laser for at home (Do It Yourself) laser hair removal, it would cost less than half price, you can buy a brand new TRIA for $395. You can find even cheaper systems like the VENUS laser system, which will cost even less, $210 (TRIA is the best home laser system which is safe for personal usage).

You can buy the TRIA further below.

You can decide how you want your pubic to look and even design a permanent pubic hairstyle with stencils – heart, arrow, or a pubic Brazilian landing strip.

Laser hair removal works best on dark hair and pale skin. So make sure you do not tan the pale pubic skin when it is shaved, keep it white as possible. On the other hand, laser does not preform so well (or not at all) on blond hair. So if your pubic is blond, you may have to find other solutions or learn more on blond hair removal using melanin enhancer.

People with dark skin may need to find other solutions. If your skin is dark but not black, you my want to check the ME my ELOS hair removal system. Me my ELOS can be a perfect solution for IPL hair removal (similar to laser) for Indian skin, Latin skin, Hispanic hair removal skin types.

Using TRIA For Permanent Pubic Landscaping

Tria Laser For Pubic Hair TRIA has some advantages for pubic hair removal.

  • It is precise, the small tip means you can preform a delicate contour of the area you treat.
  • It is cordless so you can use it in the bath room or any where private you think at home.
  • TRIA is not expensive so it can fit your budget (compared to beauty salons).
  • TRIA can be used for other body areas like armpits, and legs.
  • TRIA has 5 energy level settings, the lower ones are for sensitive skin.

6-8 treatments will be needed, each abut 2 weeks apart, see the full instructions in the TRIA booklet. The recommended schedule is planned to cover all the hair growth cycles, needed for best results.

You can get TRIA from and enjoy the latest price reduction, which means the latest TRIA model  (type 3.0) is now sold for $395. (The type 2 was sold for $495 a few month ago).

Buy Here >> TRIA Laser And The Get Pubic Hair Gone For Good

You will discover TRIA has a very friendly customer support giving assistance with the TRIA to customers all over the globe.

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