Don’t Ever Buy a Used TRIA Laser (from anyone)

Before You Buy a Used TRIA Laser

Buy Used Tria Laser SystemBefore you buy a used TRIA laser system from Ebay or from anyone else, there are some things you should know about used TRIA diode laser system.

It is very smart to look for the lowest price you can find online to get a product. Buying a used product in ,many cases can save quite a lot of money. When I come to think about it I bought a year old Samsung 37″ HD TV lately saving heaps of money compared to a price of a new set. I thought to myself a TV is a TV, so why to buy a new one when I can save by buying a used HDTV for less.

But in some cases people may buy a product without knowing what they are really getting. This is the case of buying a used TRIA Laser.

Buying Used TRIA Diode Laser

Tria laser uses diode laser technology. This means the light is produced inside a diode and then emitted. TRIA is designed to preform treatments which will be sufficient for full body hair removal. Full body means legs, arms, bikini line and armpits.

TRIA systems can hold about 44,000 laser emissions. You should be aware that TRIA diode laser will not last forever.

If you are buying a new Tria from Amazon then you are sure you get the TRIA laser ‘cartridge’ full, but when you buy a used TRIA system you can never know how many laser emissions it already did. So you may be getting a cheap hair removal system, but may suddenly see that it stops emitting laser.

Safety Issues Of Used System

Used Laser Hair Removal at Home TriaWhen you buy a used system you can never know it’s true history. Because Tria laser is a delicate system, and the diode laser technology is built in the system, if the system was dropped, hit, or was left in a damp place, you will never know it.

The system may be even functioning right for a while, but a tiny semiconductor which may be loose and moves can cause the laser to stop functioning.

To avoid disappointment and get the best return on your investment, make sure to buy a new TRIA laser system. Only when buying a new system you can be sure you get the device with all the laser emissions it was designed to deliver. The price of the TRIA laser was axed a few month back, so you can get a NEW Tria for a cheaper price, check amazon price and shipping below: Buy a NEW Tria Laser Device From Amazon.


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