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How To Buy The Best Hair Removal 70% Off

buy Cheap Hair Removal SystemBelow you can read an idea which will help you purchase the best home hair removal system, for 50% of it’s price!! Yes it is possible and it is also legal. In fact you can even buy it for 70% off!

Why risk your health with cheap systems made in china, or buying defective used laser hair removal on Ebay. Why bother buying a cheap Japanese car when you can buy a brand new Roles Royce for the same price!

The Roles Royce of the home hair removal systems is the Me my ELOS hair removal system. Unlike ALL the rest of the home hair removal machines, it is the only system outside professional clinics and beauty salons which uses the ELOS technology for hair removal.

ELOS – The Roles Royce Of Home Hair Removal

The advantages of the Me my ELOS are too many to count, and some of them are too good to be true. Lets review some of the ELOS benefits so you will know more about this system.

Cheap Me my ELOS Hair RemovalIt is the only home device using two technologies for hair removal simultaneously. The Me my ELOS uses IPL + RF (radio frequency waves) to preform the hair reduction process.

It is the only system which is approved for darker skin tones. All other home systems can not treat dark or tanned skin. Some of them may even cause skin burns if used on such skin..

Me my ELOS can complete a leg treatment in 10 minutes where other systems need 1 hour! Me my ELOS can complete a full body session in 30 minutes! Other systems will require the customer to work for hours to treat a full body.

Me my ELOS has an energy level of 9 joules per cm², when all the rest of IPLs have only 4 joules per cm².

It is the only home system which has a facial kit accessory, for safe facial hair removal.

When using the Me my ELOS you do not need to pre-shave the skin, a special Me accessory will do it during the session itself, saving you hassle, mess and time.

Because the ELOS has a totally different class of itself, it also has a price of itself.. While you can get other systems for $400-$500 the ELOS is sold on amazon for $695.

How To Get Me my ELOS For Half Price

Me my ELOS Hair Removal AmazonHere is how to get the Me my ELOS and pay half price. First we will share with you these facts and then you will see how you can exploit it for your benefit.

Fact # 1 The Me my ELOS is now marketed with an extended IPL cartridge. When other systems have a cartridge with 750 or 1500 pulses which are enough for 1-2 full body treatments, the Me my ELOS has an enormous IPL capacity of 150,000 pulses!!

Fact # 2 The Me my ELOS has a facial kit, which is shipped with one replacement cartridge which costs $99.

Fact # 3 Except the two RF polar bars on the sides of the Me my ELOS cartridge, there is no other point of contact with the skin.

Follow These Steps:

Step 1 – Find 2 friends, contact your next door neighbor, two school mates, friends from work, call your mom, put a Craigslist ad in your local town. Just find two more people who would like to get their body hair removed.

Step 2 – Send the people you found this post (save it or bookmark it). Now you all belong to the ELOS team.

Step 3 – Order together one Me my ELOS system + 2 Me Facial Kits. $595 (Me System) + 2 facial kits each $99= $795. $795 divided by 3 people is $265!! You now own the BEST home hair removal system, worth $595 for a fraction of it’s real value.

Step 4 – Each person in your Me my ELOS team can now use the system, with their own ELOS cartridge. Switching the cartridges is easy. Just click and remove. Check the 40 seconds clip below..

Since the only part of the Me machine which ever touches the skin is the IPL window of the cartridge, there is no problem sharing the base unit as long as each person has their own cartridge.

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