Best Laser Hair Removal For Hispanic Skin

Laser Hair Removal For Hispanic Skin Types

Best Hispanic Laser Hair Removal Hispanic people who seek laser hair removal solutions usually find that they have less options than other people because they have a darker skin tone. Most Hispanic people who will not find a home solution for permanent reduction of unwanted hair, will eventually go to beauty salons to complete the hair removal process.

There are relatively cheaper options for laser hair removal with at-home systems. But most of the home systems are not safe for Hispanic skin types. Most of the systems can cause skin burns and severe side effects when used on darker skin tones.

There is only one at-home hair removal system, which is safe for darker skin types. You can read about it further below. It may be a cheaper substitute for the expensive beauty salons and hair removal boutiques ripping people off.

Hispanic Skin And Laser Hair Removal

Hispanic hair Removal Skin Tone ChartLaser hair removal is not recommended on darker skin  tones because the light gets attracted by high melanin in the epidermis, and instead of warming the dark hair, the light warms the skin. The pulses of laser carry large amounts of light energy which can easily cause redness, skin burns, and even scarring.

For this reason nearly all laser and IPL systems have a specific hazard note, warning people with dark skin NOT to use their systems. The TRIA laser system, has even a skin tone sensor, which locks the TRIA from emitting laser on dark skin.

The common way to learn if you are a safe candidate for laser hair removal is to check where you are on the Fitzpatrick skin scale. Most laser hair removal and IPL systems will be able to treat skin tones 1-4 (see chart).

While type 4 is ‘light brown’ in many cases it may be too dark for treatment which means each zap may be too painful.

Hispanic Home System For Permanent Hair Reduction

Latina Laser Hair RemovalThere is one system which is permitted to be used on darker skin tones, and it it called Me my ELOS.

The ELOS system is using new ELOS technology which was invented by Syneron. The difference between ELOS and IPL or laser is that ELOS can warm the hair not only by light, but by transferring RF waves (radio frequency waves) into the skin, which heats the hair but do not effect the epidermis.

This is why the Me my ELOS is approved for Indian skin, because Indian skin can not be treated by any other home system (IPL or laser) too.

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The ELOS technology is used by thousands of doctors and beauty salons around the world, millions of treatments are done by ELOS annually. The Me is the first ever home system using the ELOS technology.

Me my ELOS For Hispanic Hair Removal

Hispanic men and women attending beauty salons will spend thousands of dollars for hair removal treatments. In those salons ELOS systems would most probably be used anyway.. Why pay private beauty salons thousands of dollars while anyone can purchase a home kit for permanent hair reduction at a fraction of the price.

Me my ELOS Pro Ultra – Is FDA Approved For Dark Skin

Skin Chart me my Elos Pro

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Ultra Pro ELOS Hair RemovalThe Me my ELOS is FDA approved to treat dark and black skin! It is the ONLY home device approved for such treatments.

The Me my ELOS can treat the skin faster and less painful than any other system, Me has a larger ELOS cartridge 120,000 pulses compared to any other system (most of them have 750-1500 pulses).


A professional hair removal can cost $200 per session (and 6-8 will be needed). Full body hair removal includes two legs, armpits, arms and bikini line can cost $2400 or more depends on the location of salon..

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You can certainly save more money than any hair removal treatment in a beauty salon.

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