Me my ELOS Tanda / Touch / Pro Ultra / Smooth Compared

Me my ELOS Line Of Products

Me Pro Ultra ELOS For Black SkinIf you are about to purchase a home hair removal device, than you may want to know that you are one of hundred thousands who discovered that it’s more convenient and budget friendly to do it at home vs going to a beauty clinic for a professional hair removal.

If you have decided that IPL is better for you compared to laser, than after a quick search you probably noticed that the new ELOS technology stands out of the rest. ELOS is safer, faster and more easy to use than IPL or laser devices.

Now the only choice is which ELOS device to get. There are currently several types of Me my ELOS ‘names’ to choose from.

  1. Me my ELOS
  2. Me my ELOS Tanda
  3. Me my ELOS Smooth
  4. Me my ELOS Pro Ultra
  5. Me my ELOS Touch

Classic Me my ELOS

Me my ELOS Syneron Hair Removel DeviceThe classic Me my ELOS was the first ever ELOS device distributed on Amazon. Elos was invented in Israel by Syneron labs. It combines two technologies in one system which removes hair better and safer than any other device. At 2012 the first ELOS system for home use was released by Syneron. The Classic device has 5400 light pulses in it’s lamp, and it has the European CE (like FDA) clearance for safety.

The classic ELOS, has alight blue unit base and a white circle with logo on applicator.

The first ELOS systems were sold at Amazon for $600 and were branded as top notch devices. Now the Classic Me my ELOS can be found for as little as $350.


Me my ELOS Tanda

Me my ELOS touch hair removalThe Me my ELOS Tanda was an upgraded design released by Synron, the main difference was the Quarts IPL lamp which had an enormous capacity for that time, 100,000 flashes. The name Tanda is used in several countries for the classic system also, which cause a lot of confusion to many who search online and do not know the difference.

Unlike the classic, the ELOS Tanda got approved for all skin types, (except dark skin facial hair removal) but since the unit design was similar to the classic, a newer design was soon released.

You can spot the Tanda by two means, some units have a diamond sticker with the word “Quarts” on the applicator. While the base color is still light blue, there is a black “Homedics” sticker at the side. Some units have a black logo on their applicator (see the Smooth below).


Me my ELOS Smooth

Me my ELOS Smooth Hair RemovalThe same system as the Me ELOS Quart distributed in different countries under different names. The Quartz -Tanda – Smooth are all the same device under different local branding.

The Me my ELOS Smooth is the branding for the Quartz in the UK. The me my ELOS Smooth has the FDA approval for all skin tones and hair colors (except dark skin facial hair removal) the Smooth comes with 6000 flashes Quarts cartridge.

You can identify it by the black logo on the applicator.


Me my ELOS Pro Ultra

Laser Hair Removal FDA Approved For Dark SkinAt 2013 Syneron has managed to complete the FDA regulations and the ELOS technology was cleared for home use by the FDA. They did two wise things. The lamp was extended for 120,000 flashes, which immediately caused the system to stand out from the rest. The second was the totally new hi-tech design.

The Pro Ultra has a sleek black design, it can’t be confused with any of the former machines. It has a octagon square black base, and a new control panel with a new designed hand applicator.

The Pro Ultra can treat ALL skin colors and ALL hair types. The basic technology hasn’t changed, but the official approval brought it to to the top of the home hair removal systems. The Pro Ultra comes with a facial kit, so users can use safety goggles and use a precision adapter for safer facial use.

See Me my ELOS Pro Ultra at Amazon


Me my ELOS Touch

Me my ELOS TouchThis is basically another name for the Pro Ultra device. The system has all the FDA approvals and is shipped with facial kit safety goggles and adapter. Approved for all skin colors and all hair types.

The Me my ELOS Touch system has a lamp of 6000 flashes. If you plan on investing in the upgraded unit, DO NOT BUY IT WITH ONE 6000 Flashes LAMP! Look for offers which add the 120,000 lamp to the unit!

The 6000 flashes would be enough for one full body treatment plan with NO follow ups. The 120,000 lamp should be enough for 9 years of full body treatments and follow ups.

So What is Your Me?

Me my ELOS Ultra Pro Vs TouchIf you have dark skin or blond hair we recommend the Pro Ultra device, it is approved for all skin colors and all hair types. It comes with the facial kit and with the endless lamp of 120,000 flashes. The new control panel is easier to use, and the unit safety is upgraded.

Get Me my ELOS Pro Ultra Here (via Amazon).

If you are short on your budget the quarts systems will be better than any other IPL device on the market. The Quarts-Smooth – Tanda are faster and safer than any IPL machine which may cost the same.

For all devices you can add the Me Shaver or Me Epilator which turn the Me unit to a beauty salon at home.

With so many bulks of information scattered on the web we hope this post has made some sense for you.

UK and European Customers…

Flag UKUK Customers click here and read reviews about the Me my ELOS Ultra System at your local store.


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