Hair Removal Down There Between The Legs

Removing Hairs From Between The Legs

Hair Removal Down ThereAs summer is approaching in giant steps, millions of women across the country are getting prepared to show off their body. Like a bear awaking from it’s winter sleep, body grooming needs to be taken care of. When the summer arrives the clothes become shorter, at the pool and beach they come off nearly altogether. Bikinis and swimsuits are being refreshed, and lots of white pale skin is going to be seen.

Some will continue to use the short term hair removal solutions, like shaving or waxing. But more and more women have found that removing hair with a small laser or IPL device, is cheaper than they thought, less painful than they expected, and the results last longer than they have been used too.

Brazilian Bush Vs Trimmed Bush

No matter if you prefer a smooth Brazilian pubic hairstyle, or you prefer to leave a tiny “landing strip” pointing to the pleasure zone, both can be done today safely with an IPL device or a laser hair removal kit. No women would be seen with a bikini and allow her bush to show from the side.

Shaving Brazilian Bikini Hair Style

The advantage of IPL and laser are well known:

  • Long lasting results, hair can be gone for years, or be thin and fair nearly invisible.
  • No shaving, waxing, hassle of creams, chemical, stripping, cuts and nicks.
  • Easy to use systems plug & play operation, no skill needed.
  • Safe! FDA cleared systems, if done properly very little side effects.
  • Affordable! New systems price decreased steeply last year, and for $200-$300 you can get state of the art home hair removal kit.

Removing Pubic Hair With Laser

TRIA PRECISION LASER For Bikini Hair RemovalThe newest device on the market is the TRIA Precision system. From the manufacturers of the TRIA laser, the Precision is a small cordless laser system, with the capability to remove pubic hair, easy and fast.

The Precision emits laser on the skin, the light energy is absorbed by the dark hair pigment and the heat zaps the hair bulb down the follicle. Within a few treatments, hairs grows decreases and hair fall off and the skin becomes clear and smooth. Since the pubic area is rather small (compared to a full leg..) the treatments are easy to conduct.

The Precision has a small tip, which makes the trimming and styling of the hairs “down there” a piece of cake. You can design the “landing strip” as thin as you like, or even make a permanent shape down there using a stencil.

The TRIA Precision can be used for other areas to be treated, especially those small places like the underarms, side burns, and arms.You can check more on the TRIA Precision HERE.

The only downside is that the device is too small to use for full body hair removal treatments. Not that it’s not capable but it will consume endless hours of your time to complete.

Bikini Trimming With Wet/Dry Shaver

electric shaver for pubic trimmingsAnother alternative is to use a wet/dry electric shaver. Unlike a razor which can cause nicks and cuts, and is a hassle at the shower. Using an electric shaver in the shower (wet!) is pleasant, quick and comfortable.

Electric shavers require less cash ($40) compared to laser systems ($300), are easy to carry when you travel making sure you are always smooth, without any special preparation.

Like thousands of other women we recommend on the low cost best selling Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry Shaver (+Bikini Attachment).

Bikini Bare Or Style

brazilian laser hair removal TRIA landing stripWhat ever you choose, bare or trimmed, pick the convenient way to be smooth and comfortable with your body. The skin is sensitive, near the genitals, feeling ‘clean’ and sexy can enhance you love life too.

If you do not want to repeat the process of trimming or using depilatory creams down there every other week. You might prefer to get a compact small laser hair removal kit, and get rid of the hair once and for all.

The TRIA Precision was designed for reducing hairs from small areas. Its lightweight and precise and very easy to use.

TRIA PRECISION LASER REVIEWYou will need to trim the bush hair before each treatment, because the laser needs to target the hair inside the follicles.

Place the laser tip and press the button. A laser light beam will flash at the skin and a warm sensation can be felt. Move the tip half an inch and zap again, until the whole area you are targeting get zapped.


Click to order TRIA laser from Amazon and say bye bye to all the unwanted hairs.

The TRIA is FDA approved, and has two safety sensors to make sure thousands of women around the word use it safely.