Read All About Me My ELOS Quartz Hair Reduction Device

Me My ELOS Quartz Device

It has been expected to happen this season, the well known Me my ELOS has been upgraded under the new brand name Me My ELOS Quartz hair reduction device. The new Me My ELOS Quartz is the same premium hair reduction system, only this time they have added the massive 100,000 flashes lamp.

The main drawback of all home hair removal kits was the need to buy additional IPL cartridges in order to complete the full treatment plan.

While Remington IPL and Silk’n SensEpil had 1500-2000 flashes only. The former Me My ELOS had 5400 flashes in it’s cartridge which was the best value for money in the category. The new release Quartz ELOS system has 100,000 flashes!

How Many Pulses Needed For Permanent Reduction

In order to achieve long lasting results, the hair removal treatment needs to be done over again for at least 6-8 times, with a few weeks interval between the sessions. Hair removal session need to be done over again so the light and heat can destroy hair growth at the Anagen stage.

The most common use home hair removal is to reduce hair growth from the legs, armpits and bikini line. Full body coverage for 6 sessions require 5400 flashes like the former Me my ELOS had.

While other hair removal devices have a limited amount of flashes, the Me my ELOS Quartz device has 100,000 flashes. This means investing in the machine is a one time investment. No more need for purchasing more cartridges and no more ‘low energy’ signal from the machine when the flashes run out.

Me my ELOS Quartz Super System

The Me my ELOS is the most advanced hair removal system available today for private home use. It is less painful than other laser or IPL systems, it can preform 10X faster than other systems, Me is safer for dark skin hair removal too, and with the Me accessories it can remove blond, grey and red hairs.

The Me my ELOS Quartz system works by flashing an IPL flash on the skin which warms the hair bulb, and immediately transmitting a radio frequency which heats the hair bulb some more. The synergy of both technologies give the ELOS systems the edge over regular IPL machines.

Most of professional hair removal salons use ELOS technology to preform the same kind of treatment at a much higher cost.

Me My Elos IPL QUARTZ 100,000 Shots Hair Removal system

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Quartz Me my ELOS Hair Removal

  • 100,000 pulses the latest 2012 model
  • with over 3 million professional elos hair-removal treatments performed annually – elos is more than clinically tested, it is medically proven
  • elos is the first and only technology that combines the power of both IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and RF (radio frequency energy).
  • me is the only device in the market offering you an all-in-one solution!: me epilator and me shaver

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