Me my Elos Shaver + Epilator Accessories – Video Clips

Me Elos By Syneron – Accessories

The Me my Elos hair removal system comes with two accessories that can be added to the hair removal machine, for better performance. The hair removal system that was designed by Syneron developers functions best with a Me-Shaver and Me-Epilator add ons (sold separately).

The ‘Me my Elos’ IPL + RF hair removal machine is the first ever ELOS based technology home kit. These kind of ELOS systems are being used at skin clinics and Med-Spas worldwide,  with more than 3 million treatments done annually. The Me my Elos by Syneron is leading the hair removal segment for home systems, you can read here more on the ‘Me my Elos Technology’ and see how it is Superior to laser hair removal systems with the Me my elos vs Tria laser comparison.

Me Hair Removal Accessory Kit Benefits

The Me-my-Elos IPL hair removal process means that the light will pre-heat the hair and the Radio Frequency wave will destruct the hair completely. For the IPL light to work at the best conditions the hair needs to be shaved. The hair shaving must be done with any light based hair removal machine, so the hair is districted inside it’s follicle and not outside the skin.

With all the ‘single’ technology hair removal systems (Tria laser, SensEpil, Viss, DM 6000 laser) a preparation session is needed before the laser/IPL treatment. This means that for the home use, a person will need to shave the body part they are intending to treat with laser or IPL. This is who it was done since the home systems were invented.

The Me my Elos home system has managed to bring another small revolution – No preparation revolution.

With the Me my Elos accessories a close skin shave is done simultaneously with the IPL treatment, as the designers attached a shaver on the Me my Elos hand piece. So no preparation are needed, when you want to do a session, just do it, no planning, no advance shaving and hassle. See below the Me Accessories Clip:

Me My Elos Shaver

Here is a short clip displaying the Me my Elos shaver accessory, the small shaver is placed in the slot, and has a different activation button so the user can choose either to shave or do ELOS or both. Before using the Me shaver the protection cover needs to be taken out, the shaver slides gently into the shaver slot and a click will be felt when the ME shaver is in place.

Me My Elos Epilator

Some women prefer to have smooth legs by using an epilator. For these women the Syneron designers have placed an option for the ME Epilator add on. The Me epilator glides over the skin, plucks the unwanted hair and allows the ELOS system to preform it’s permanent hair removal on prepared skin. See the clip below on the Me Epilator review:

Me my Elos Accessories Sold Separately

The Me accessories are sold separately to allow each person a modular way of hair removal at home. The Me my Elos hair removal system is not a cheap system. It is on the top of the price range for home removal system, as the technology is new and by far superior compared to other home systems.

Buy the Me My ELOS – Shaver

Buy The Me my ELOS – Epilator

If the two accessories were included the Me my Elos price would have leaped way over the $1000 price tag, which would make it even less accessible for many who wish a fast safe hair removal at home. On top of that some people (men?) do not like to epilate the skin, others prefer not to shave. So instead of having an expensive home system, which part of it will not be used – the me my elos is sold ‘bare’ with the ELOS system, and each can choose which add-on is best for them.


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